Unofficial Introduction Page

I am still relatively new, but I like it here, and I think that this place could be a very strong community for writers. I noticed that a bunch of people joined up after me as well. This thread would be a good place for introductions, where the newbies can say who they are, and where the old school members can indroduce themselves to the next gen.

Let me start:

I'm Craig, and my pen name is C.A.Sanders. I used to go with my actual name, but some college football star has the same name and googlechoked me. I write full time now, though I used to teach special education. My twitter handle is CraigASanders, if you want to add me, or you can email me at casanders77 @gmail.

I'm from just outside of NYC, in the Hudson Valley. I grew up in the Bronx for a good chunk of my early life, so I had a very unique childhood. I love the Yankees and the Jets, which gives me a good fan balance of success and failure. I'm 36 and still love cartoons. I think pro wrestling is the highest form of entertainment. I am jewish but I love bacon and shiksas. I eat too much cheese. I have man breasts. I make a wicked Egg Cream. My beard is approaching epic status. i have a pet turtle that I've had since I was 6. His name is Shelvin and he says 'hello'

I just signed a book deal for my first novel "Song of Simon," with Damnation Books (after doing a ton of research and contract talk with lawyers due to their past reputation). I am writing a novel right now called "The Watchmage of Old New York," of which the first half will be serialized on line.

That's about it. I look forward to hearing all about you.

Second post!

I'm Nick Bryan, part-time writer and part-time IT support person. I live in London and write various darkly comic works, including weekly flash fiction on my website Nick Bryan Dot Com, and the comedy-mystery serial Hobson & Choi on Jukepop Serials. This is my first big shot at webfiction on a story I actually care about, so hoping to make a good go of it.

I also watch (and review) a lot of TV, I run the the TV @ The Digital Fix site, a largely UK orientated TV site, although I'm cutting back on that a bit, as the fiction writing needs to be my prime focus. I read comics, play badminton and enjoy a nice white beer. Age: 29. Height: 5 foot 9.

Considering trying a medium-length genre novel for Kindle to build on the Hobson & Choi thing. We'll see how H&C is doing by the time I've planned and started writing it.

I'm on various internet services as NickMB, including Twitter, although I'm starting to use my full name a bit more, like I am here. Hello.

I'm Alex! I'm known alternately online as an author as Alexander Hollins, Alexander the So So , The Leaking Pen, and if you read fan fic back in the late 90's, Silicon Ghost. I mostly write sci fi and fantasy. I've run online writers groups since 96, when theleakingpen was a geocities site, and then its own website for a while, and technically run a serial hosting site, (its a ghost town, I'm sad to say. ) I find that while I love writing, I'm a better editor than writer, and I spend more time these days as a sounding wall for other writers, poking holes and filling them back in. I'm rather evangelical in talking up Self Publishing over getting a book deal, but I do appreciate those that get the book deal, more power to them! I'm 32, married for 5 years, with 2 children. I do customer service, tech support, and app design.

Howdy. I'm Chris Wright and I currently do two serials: The Points Between and Curveball. Both are on, where I do other stuff as well. I'm also a little sick at the moment so I'm going to keep this brief. :)

Hello! I'm Melanie Edmonds, currently writing my second web serial, Starwalker. My first serial, The Apocalypse Blog, is complete and has been self-published as ebooks. I write mostly scifi at the moment, though I foray occasionally into fantasy and steampunk.

After living in various places around the world, I'm now settled in Australia (which makes for Fun With Timezones when it comes to posting schedules). I have a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. I work as a full-time technical writer in software development, and am generally a big geek. All my writing is done in my spare time; my dream is to take a year off work to really focus on it, but I'm not holding my breath.

I am heavily involved in NaNoWriMo every November as a Municipal Liaison for my city, and somehow it has managed to spread into managing year-round writing events (because I'm a loon). I have also been running a writing group for the past 6 years, and am attempting to keep a writing blog alive. I'm also attempting to set up an editing business, but that's very much a work in progress at this stage.

I'm Jim Zoetewey. I write The Legion of Nothing, a webserial about a teenage superhero. So far it's been turned into one book, but there's currently enough material for five.

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a city best known for (former president) Gerald R. Ford and office furniture manufacturing--which is to say it's barely known at all. I grew up in Holland, Michigan, a much smaller city that isn't well known, but is where L. Frank Baum wrote some of the Oz books. There's also a yearly tulip festival (which attracts 100,000+ people to the 30,000 person city).

In the course of my childhood, I visited 40 out of the 50 states in the US.

For my career I've done a combination of web development, and technical support. My actual degrees are in religion, and sociology (though I've done most of a masters in information systems).

My writing interests include pretty much everything, from fiction of basically any genre, nonfiction, lyric writing, comic books and I even had a foray into writing for a video game that was intended for iphone/ipad (unfortunately that project ultimately never ended up seeing the light of day, but I loved working on it nevertheless while it lasted).

Hi! Stefan Ingstrand, thirty-five, born and raised in rural Sweden. After high school I moved to Gothenburg (Sweden's second largest city, which isn't saying much) to find a university where I could study history, archaeology and Latin. I also found a lively amateur theatre society to take time away from my academic career.

These days I work with copyright, conferences, public relations and such at an archival institution and spend my free time writing -- the highlights in that area have been selling a few short stories (in Canada and the US; not much market for science fiction and fantasy in Sweden) and taking a year off work to move to London and earn a master's degree in creative writing. I tried my hand at web fiction ten years ago, and since January I'm giving it another go with The Morpheus Reports.

I'm Maggie! I am taking a break from full-time writing/art to kick my heels at a day job working for friends at a large university. I've written six web serials and am currently doing a seventh. The previous ones are all available as ebooks, print and (most of them) audiobooks. I go from urban fantasy to humor to military sf to epic fantasy; basically I'll write anything as long as I'm enjoying it!

I'm also doing a web comic on art/writing/etc where it meets business, at, which started from my series of business columns for creative folks (which itself mutated into a book about using Kickstarter).

This year I'm taking it easy, though. :)

Is there something about Brisbane and webfic? My favorite serial author lives there!

This is such a great thread and a great idea! Thanks for starting it, casanders!

My name's... Amy! I live in the Los Angeles area, but am a New Yorker at heart. I'm a former graphic novelist and stay at home mother of two small children. I write and illustrate an online YA fantasy/romance called "Rema." It is frequently described as being creepy-beautiful, and this makes me very happy. :)

My participation on these forums has been spotty since my small moments of free time are taken up by Rema now, but I always visit and lurk. You guys are such an inspiration!

There was another thread here: but it fell by the wayside.

I'm Wildbow. I'm a longtime writer, but I'm pretty new to actually showing people my stuff. I wrote for almost twelve years, struggling to get a story beyond a handful of pages, constantly going back to fix and rewrite and refine the idea and try to get it up to my standards, before inevitably burning out or getting frustrated.

It was only after I took classes in Applied Language that I started analyzing my writing process. I realized what I was doing and started a serial as a way to force myself to keep moving forward. From those classes & related others (I quickly switched from being an English major with a minor in Linguistics to a major in Applied Language & Discourse) I learned a lot about the implicit and explicit aspects of the author-audience relationship and the text-audience relationship, and I've been striving to put those lessons into effect while writing my story.

For about twenty-two months now, I've been writing Worm, a dark superhero web serial. I'm hoping to wrap it up later this year. More than anything, though, I hope my next project is even half as well received.

It took me a long time to connect CASanders to his other aliases (as he seems pretty much everywhere I look these days xD), but I have probably a lot more that are messily linked together.

The one I've held longest is s-girl (from which SgL sort of derives from) and it's the most current catchall for all my creative activities which include cartooning/digital painting, photography, and writing. I've been around a very long time in various fandoms both drawing and writing. I tend to cycle through stages of painting and then fall back into writing.

However, life is pretty nuts lately so I usually do more writing than drawing. I blame my work life -- I work on a small team in a pretty intense, time-driven environment. My expertise is in scientific research, data analysis, developing planning tools, and specific aspects of health policy. Writing is a large part of my daily life (as I probably write communications via emails, articles, reviews every day.)

So writing fiction is a lot of fun for me. It's nice to have something that I can escape to and sort through on my own that I don't need committees, managers, or bureaucrats to approve.

I write things out in serial format because it affords me structure in an otherwise crazy life . It's also a familiar rhythm for me as I wrote a lot of fanfiction under several aliases. (I will only profess to one if you tell me you like samurai.)

Speaking of which, I finished volume 1 of one serial in February and am farting around before I start the second volume (hopefully in May).

I'm hopelessly in love with Victorian/Edwardian stuff, the Meiji era , 2D animation, East ASian culture, and cute little things with dot eyes. I am conversant in a lot of things geeky or pop-culture, although rarely consider myself a devout fan to the extent that my friends are.

I do occasionally frequent anime or fan conventions primarily in the Southeast US where I currently live. In less busy years I've made it out to Texas, Florida and California for conventions, but as I've become older and crankier, I've decided to save vacation days for personal trips :).

For those who are social network nerds, I'm on Goodreads as SGLee, Deviantart as s-girl, tumblr as plumgirl, and on twitter as whirlyshirly and fairytwister. I also manage a lot of random old content at,, as well as updating the main serial (in sig below) and and a blog about serials when the impulse strikes ( ).

@ Alexander Hollins, I also lived in Brisbane until two years ago. But that is not coincidence - Mel/Kess get me into webfic. *G*

Anyway, I'm Senna. I am quite hard to keep track of because I change my usernames/pennames/URLs very frequently. This is partly because I'm a flake and partly because I'm extremely paranoid about keeping RL and OL separate. I have a full time non-writing job that sounds more impressive than it is and is currently taking up about 60 hours a week of my life and pushing out everything else.

I have been writing fiction on the internet for a looooong time, but the old Livejournal ecosystem made me lazy and I am still in the process of figuring out the fracturing of audience that happened since LJ jumped the shark. I write a low/political fantasy webserial called A Frequent Traveller's Guide to Jovan (link in sig) which is about 50% dashing fantasy fun with intrigue and sarcasm and 50% tackling serious questions like the economics of slavery, recovery from PTSD, and how many bad things a good person can do before they are no longer a good person.

I highly recommend Kess's writing blog and SgL's blog on online novelling for interesting and useful musings on writing on the internet.

Aww, shucks, thanks S! :) (And I'll totally take credit for nudging you into webfic, ahahahaha.)

Not sure what it is about Brisbane, Alexander! The writers here are a great bunch. Who's your favourite serial author?

I'm Wyste. I work in nonfiction publishing for my day job at the moment, working on encyclopedias and textbooks. I write a fantasy memoir called Tapestry over here - - and am working on a variety of other stories when I get the chance. Tapestry came into being because I got into an argument about medieval fantasy political dramas and feminism, and took its current form of a daily diary because I have a bad habit in stories of wanting to skip the character development to get to the exciting bits, or skip the exciting bits to get to the end. Sometimes it makes writing it like pulling teeth, but it's good for me.

I'm a bit of a naturalist, and I'd rather like to start a nature writing blog, but my copious free time isn't. I live in Massachusetts, where the crocuses and snowdrops are just starting to bloom. My degree's in botany/ecology, and I've visited a total of three continents. I'd really like to visit Africa, one of these days.

I'm Lyn.

I write Addergoole: Year 9 here - - which is a sequel to my original web series, Addergoole. I do a lot more writing over in my Dreamwidth journal, too - - although not as organized as the serial, and I'm working on my first novella.

Addergoole came about when a friend pointed me to Tales of Mu and said, more or less "you can do something like that." I had no idea, back then, how big the web fiction community was!

I bought an old farmhouse a year and a half ago, and I'm thinking of starting a homesteading blog. In all of my free time. :-)

I live in the Finger Lakes of New York State, and my crocuses are also in bloom, sticking out of the snow.

I'm Wildbow. I'm a longtime writer, but I'm pretty new to actually showing people my stuff. I wrote for almost twelve years, struggling to get a story beyond a handful of pages, constantly going back to fix and rewrite and refine the idea and try to get it up to my standards, before inevitably burning out or getting frustrated.

oh god, do I know! Wildbow, my spiritual writing sibling!

And my favorite serial author is Grace "Stormy" McDermott. She writes . Thought I linked it, my bad. I THINK she has an account here as I recall, but doesn't chat often.

Ah, Stormy! If it's the girl I know as Stormy, I met her during NaNoWriMo a few years ago. Haven't crossed paths with her in ages, but if I do, I'll be sure to let her know she has a fan on here. :)

Also, when I started reading your post, I had a Spartacus moment (no, I'm Wildbow!).

I'm sure it is the same Stormy, and I hope she won't be too surprised that she's got fans connected with this site. She was one of the early editors.