Update Progress Thread

Hey guys!

I thought it would be helpful to post a progress thread. We're all serializers here, so how about we post our current goals regarding our webfictions, and a link to the updates when they're finished so we can see? I used to participate in an anthology my husband started called Flight and there was a progress forum that helped immensely. :) Also, I thought it'd be nice to see a thread where people could post links to their updates in one place. Is this weird??

Anyway... I'll start. Today I need to draw the illustration for chapter 13 (revisions were finished last night), and start revising ch. 14. This would be easy if I didn't have a new baby! But I do have some free time since the toddler's in daycare. Wish me luck? :P

What about you guys? Anyone planning on updating today or tomorrow?

Well The Points Between is supposed to be weekly but I've fallen really, really far behind on that. Ahem. I need to start updating weekly again. At least I am still updating, though. Currently I need Chapter 26 out the door. It isn't yet.

Curveball is supposed to be monthly, and it is... but barely. Specifically I want it updating on the second Wednesday of every month. It's... currently not that. Still, I'm keeping to it better than I am to TPB. Currently I need Issue Six out the door. It isn't yet.

That's as specific as I can be.

I am on hiatus until next year! My current serial, Earthrise, is posting on its own (go-go-auto-scheduler). At the current rate of serialization it should be done by summer of next year, at which point I'll have to decide what to do next. I have nine book projects planned for release in 2013, but half of them are done already. I'm not sure whether to start an entirely new book in 2013 for serializing (like, say, my Faerie Farmer urban fantasy), or if I should pick up something else from the trunk and use serialization as an excuse to rewrite/freshen it up. :)

... well I suddenly feel lazy. :)

Well, like I said, half of them are done already! They're scheduled for release as in "the work I'm doing is relating to print production/graphic design/audiobook production/etc." That's work, but it's not, you know, fun creative brain work. :)

Eh, looking to be a busy month:

Update due tonight (For Tues).

Monthly writer's circle meets tomorrow night - critiquing one other person's work, and a few early chapters of my story are getting critiqued as well.

Bonus update (donation reward) due Wednesday night (For Thurs).

Chapter due Saturday. (ie. By end of Friday night).

Potentially going out of town for a week for a small job, prob. take train & get some writing done to & fro, but writing while I'm not home is kind of hard, doubly so when I'm actually busy and only have a couple of hours at the end of the day. Two chapters to do that same week.

Another two chapters for the week after next, only I'll have Christmas to contend with, AND, the way things are looking, I've also promised to release a (4k word plus?) update a day for eight days starting on the 29th. With family in town at the same time. I won't survive that without getting something done in advance, so I'll have to cram some more writing into the extra time I have.

EDIT: I try to manage with a spreadsheet, punch in the current day/time & current chapter WIP's word count, gives me a sense of how far ahead/behind I am. If I'm ahead, I'm probably ok to go make/eat dinner or clean up. If I'm behind, I know I gotta crack down.

Been scripting comics lately, keeping up to date with that.

I've been doing okay with weekly updating. (Monday is my night although sometimes I toss things up midnight Sunday to Monday because of business travel.)

I used to stick close to 1300-1600 words but have pretty much gone to covering scenes as I please, which has meant that I"m seeing closer to 2000-4000 words per update. I feel sometimes this vexes my earlier readers but I'm anxious to just hack through scenes that must be worked through before I can approach the end of the story arc.

So my goal really is to finish this arc in the next two months.

I wrote the 4th or 5th version of an ending last weekend. As the characters started to evolve under my fingers, I started to have to back off some of the "ending events" that I had in my mind because they felt out of character to me.

Beyond that:

* Try very hard to clean up the copy Jan-Mar to have a demo copy of a book at a convention in Atlanta. It might be too ambitious to have a final ebook ready by that point. I kind of don't want to rush the editing or the cover process. I may just prep a reader's copy for friends who said they would ONLY touch the book when I was done.

* In January, commit to either commissioning a cover or to locking myself up on a weekend and painting it myself.

* Mar-Jun, begin to draw a whole crapload of character sketches for the next book

* Spring: Spend one weekend "storyboarding" next arc. Post-its will be wasted.

* Do not go insane with work :]

* Summer/fall, write some rough first chapters, reestablish writing rhythm and launch again towards Winter? dunno.

My short term goals:

-- Post an update by Thursday

-- Get started on next Monday's update

Longer term goals:

-- Work on readying second Legion of Nothing novel for February

-- Get back to another, non-Legion of Nothing novel that I'm writing

Non-writing stuff that will be going on at the same time:

-- Website redesign

-- Bass guitar practicing

-- Child-herding

-- Dog walking (More of an effort than you'd think. My dog's a Lab/German Shepherd mix and requires a lot of exercise.)

-- Starting new programming contract (next week Monday)...

Wow you guys have a lot on your plates! I mean I guess I do too, most of it consisting of changing diapers and cleaning bottles.

I managed to update yesterday, but only started the revisions for chapter 14. At least the illustration is clear in my head (coming up with ideas for those things is sometimes the most time-consuming part believe it or not!).

Five years ago I was changing diapers, and that was very close to all I could manage. You're doing great, Amy. :D

I forgot I'm also working on a trade paperback.

Last year I tried creating a trade paperback through Lulu and they were too expensive. This year with the new cover I was hoping to have it out by Christmas, but I've been having a difficult time getting it formatted correctly. The problem is that I was trying to take a shortcut by using a pre-existing document template to format the book, but it's been giving me fits. I need to design the template from the ground up so I have complete control over the format and then I'll be able to re-use it for every book going forward. (Actually I need one for novels and one for Curveball prints, but that's a separate issue).

Soo... it won't be ready for Christmas. Because if I was ever able to be in the right place, at the right time, the world would be consumed by fire.

(BTW MCA, did you see my tweet showing the new PMB! cover? https://www.eviscerati.org/articles/2012/12/Pay-Me-Bug-getting-new-cover )

AMG THE AWESOME, Uber! I love it!!

Yeah. Really gives you a sense of the characters.

Amusingly, none of them look anything like my mental images of the characters! But it's an awesome picture anyway. :D

Haha. I'm amused by the literalness of the cover. But glad the readers like it (comments looked good) That means your artist did good :)

Okay. Did a blog.

Now back to editing/writing for about an hour tonight . Feeling hostile towards my characters at the moment, but reminding myself that sacrificing them to a giant worm might not be an appropriate ending.

The literalness was my suggestion, actually. I didn't want a generic "spaceship floating in space" cover, even though that's pretty standard, because PMB! is quirkier than that.

I honestly had no idea what the work was based on the title, so seeing the cover tells me both setting and that it's humorous :>

*dusts off thread*

Well well it's been a few days. I was on a good updating streak for a while there, then Life happened. Everything's ok though, but my goal is to update again tonight. I'm almost done with the drawing that goes with chapter 15 so it looks like my goal might be met! Then I'll have to slow it down to focus on a comics project. Funny how comics started as a hobby for me, and now seems almost like a chore compared to the excitement I have for the online novel. I guess I'll always need a creative outlet that is done for pure enjoyment, regardless of medium.

Ubersoft - cute cover! :D

*collapses* DONE. http://remanmyth.blogspot.com/2012/12/chapter-fifteen.html

This is getting harder and harder as time wears on. To you webfictioneers(?) who have been posting for a while, you have my deepest respect. *_*