Updated Site Design--Review Request

My preferred theme, Lovecraft (har har), updated recently, and the new version it gave me a few more tools to work with. One of them inspired me to slightly renovate my site. I replaced the gaudy broken header image with a thin "blank space" image and added a logo instead of a typical site title. I also added a recent news sidebar to the main page only (which should help give the static front page a bit of meaning.) Not much else has changed--I am in the process of updated my local (ie on my computer) version of The Revelation, which has lead to a few edits on the site (most slight grammar fixes and typo corrections), but nothing too major. The biggest change is a revised paragraph in Chapter XXIII, but it's mostly just for clarification and not important if you've already read the chapter.

Basically, I want some feedback on this redesign, for both mobile and desktop. Some cell phone reviews would help, since I don't have access to a smartphone. You can check out the updated site by clicking here.


Had a look on pc and smartphone. Looks very smooth and clean. No problems navigating around. On phone it was very quick and the layout made it easy to find stuff, links all worked. It basically moves everything into one long column, so the side bar is under the main text.

On a aesthetic level (purely subjectively) it was maybe a bit stark/basic with the very black and white look, but I wasn't put off by that. Just that I have no real idea from the design/logo what kind of story it is or what genre. Images would probably slow things down a bit, but some kind of image that identified the story felt missing. Might just be me though.

Overall, I think it's working fine, is easy to read and I had no technical issues. Hope that helps.