Updating Listings?

Is there a procedure in place for updating a listing? I don't even know if I submitted the MU listing or if someone else did... I'd like to get the frequency of updates corrected to "Mondays and Fridays." and get a more recent screenshot.

As some more general suggestions that were in the middle of a TL;DR stream on another thread or occurred to me after writing them.

1. A prominent link to the beginning of each story (or the first story on a collection site) right in the middle of the listing page? The fewer clicks it takes to get to the beginning, the better.

2. A more obvious link to the site on the listings. Clicking the thumbnail might be intuitive, but your intuition isn't my intuition isn't J. Random Internetperson's intuition.

3. Could we get a little icon that displays after the name of the site whenever the site generates a link to the listing that opens up the story's site? The listings are good, the listings are valuable, but we really would benefit from making it easy for people to give in to an impulse and just check something out.


you can find it by choosing info and submissions from the main menu bar, and then submissions on the lower right hand side. click on the particular story to update the info. ScreenShots are done by admin.

Yeah, I found that easily enough myself... it seemed to be intended for making new submissions, as the name suggests. Is it also how we're meant to put in updates? Some instructions to indicate that on the page would be handy... I'm not trying to nitpick, but I have an aversion to doing anything at all in situations where what's expected of me isn't clear. Looking for a mention of how to update a listing and not finding it has kind of frayed my nerves tonight.

I don't have any "particular stories" to click on, either. I just have a bunch of fields. I'm guessing you mean it should be showing up under "Your Submissions"? But I don't have anything there. As I said above, I don't know if I submitted Tales of MU myself (it would have to have been under a different account as this one is brand new, and I don't know what I would have picked for a login name if not AlexandraErin) or if someone else submitted it on my behalf.

Should I just put a new submission in and put a note to the editor? I have no idea how much of the submission process is automated and how much is in human hands... I don't know what, if anything, that could gum up for someone.

Hi Alexandra,

I've associated the submission information for your stories with your account (they weren't there before because you just created your account a few days ago). When you go to the submissions page now, you should see them there. Just click on the one you want to load it for editing, and submit it for approval when finished.

In terms of your other points, when on the listing, both the preview and the title link to the story. We do generally try to link to the first page of the story, though sometimes other pages (like a table of contents) seem to make more sense, depending on how the story is arranged. I will definitely consider putting a direct link on the listings indices in the next version, assuming the listing indices survive the redesign. :-)


Thank you for being so responsive. I know I'm like a semi-automatic shotgun right now but I'm kind of at the peak of enthusiasm and creativity.

"I will definitely consider putting a direct link on the listings indices in the next version, assuming the listing indices survive the redesign. :-)"

Wait, wait, wait. Are you being sarcastic, or is it really possible that the listing indices themselves might not survive the redesign? Maybe it's because I'm sleepy tonight so I'm missing something obvious, but then how would people find stories if they're just browsing? *is confused*

((Speaking of the redesign, would it be possible to work on making the forums more accessible to different sizes of computers/screens? I know I've said this before, but it really is a pain to have to strip the forums of their style every time I visit on my netbook.))

I was mostly joking. I think. ;-) But, yes, I'm trying to figure out ways to encourage actual browsing, as opposed to just paging through lists. The stuff that's being discussed in the various threads will probably form the basis of it.

In terms of the forums, I'll keep it in mind next time I touch them, but they really are low priority, compared to the other stuff. Sorry. :-(


Chris, now that its been brought up, when we do update using that tool, it doesn't get actually changed until approved, si no?

Yeah, it goes back to the queue for an editor (currently, me) to look over.


is also Alexandra Erin's, but I dunno if she wants it tied to her current account, since its on hiatus.

Ha! After reading this thread I realized I sent my listing to the back of the approval queue at least twice because I was editing typos. :D

Slightly relates - on my site's page it says 'no recent updates', which it has said for a while now - I update every weekend! Have re-submitted the profile in case that helps, anything else I should do?

I don't see your submission in the queue. Are you sure you re-submitted it?

Hmm, my page doesn't even have a slot for when it was updated.

Huh? If that was a complaint, I'm going to need a lot more detail. ;-)

Not a complaint. I'm just not seeing the field he's talking about where he has, no recent updates. Unless I'm looking at the wrong thing?

Just looked, its part of the description, my bad. ignore me!

Sorry Chris - way to ask a question then go afk for a week! I've tried again, hopefully it will be in the queue now, thanks for your help!