Upgraded WordPress

Hi everyone,

I just updated WordPress to the latest version. I think everything is still working, but let me know if you notice anything odd. If you can't post here, for some reason, my email address is cpoirier at webfictionguide dot com.



I just used the 'random story' button and it took me to a random story. The refresh monkey in me is very, very pleased. It's a button! And it's random! I wish I was kidding about how cool I find this.

But, here's another thing for your list (man, I'm sorry): http://webfictionguide.com/about/graphics/

Any chance on getting those updated to the new look? I'd like to put up a little button, rather than a text link. I'd be willing to try my hand at making some, if it wouldn't step on any toes, for that matter. The only question for me would be what tagline WFG uses, if any. Does WFG have a slogan, or should we set up a slogan committee?

Glad you are liking the random button. I don't know why I ever took it out. Oddly, the functionality has always been there, just not the link.

I've dropped the graphics page for now, as those graphics are ancient. We don't really have anything to replace it with, at the moment -- but if you want to take a shot at it, feel free.


Well, this is exceedingly rough, but - a button: http://www.wysteriaclimbing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/WFG.jpg