URL Change for a Listing on Your Site?


I'm brand new here. As in, just made this account, today. :) A few months ago, I was tickled pink to discover our urban fantasy serial novel, Black Alice [http://urbanfantasyfiction.com/black-alice-%C2%A9/] listed here [http://webfictionguide.com/listings/black-alice/]. (Many heartfelt thank-yous to the folks who listed and reviewed it!)

Recently, we moved the novel's domain from the old blackalice.coffeehousepoetry.net to our shiny new domain at urbanfantasyfiction.com, and I've been tracking down old links and listings to see if I can get them updated. Is there a chance I can get the web address changed for our novel listing?

Thanks again for the listing, and the reviews!

Hi Marci,

I've associated the submission info with your account. You should now be able to edit it and resubmit it here: http://webfictionguide.com/about/submissions/


Thank you!

Dear Moderator,

I know this may not be the proper thread for my situation but I don't know how to start a new one. :)

I want to thank you, ever so much, for listing my humble webserial on your site.

I saw it there along with all the other great webfiction sites and said, "Wow, wow they listed my story - wow, my description sounds horrible."

So, I made some adjustments to my story's synopses and would really appreciate it if you could update my listing when you get an opportunity.

I've tried to update it on the submission form but to no avail, so maybe I could just include here, how I'd like it to read:

Isaac Chavez (Zac) just turned eighteen, maybe. He was born on February 29th of the year 2058, a leap day in a non-leap year. How did this happen, how is he here and where does he belong? Searching for answers, a sense of purpose and a place to fit in, he joins History Corp.

Each Weekend, the History Corporation sponsors a MMOEHS (Massive Multi-participant Off Earth Historical Simulation) for the brightest young men and women from around the globe. Tach-Tech Museum, a space station tethered to the earth and accessible only via space elevators, provides the platform for the Historical Simulation.

Thanks again,

M. Abran

Hi M,

Could you give me some specifics of what happens when you use the submission form? If something is broken, I need to fix it.



Hello Chris,

Thanks for the reply.

After updating the text and pushing "Save" I get this error: (hope this works)


When I finally get back to the submission form, after a number of times pushing "try again", the text has not changed. I see the original description text.

Oh, and in the second paragraph of the synopsis, "Each Weekend" should be "Each weekend"; and in the third paragraph, "routine Simulation" should be "routine simulation". Sorry for the trouble but rest assured that I will get a friend to edit and proofread my stuff in the future. All's I have to do is pay him in coffee.


M. (Does "M. Abran" sounds pompous?)

Hi M,

I've looked into it, and it looks like my hosting service is having connectivity problems, tonight. Sorry about that. Hopefully it will resolve soon. In the meantime, I've started looking into other hosting options for the site, which should resolve the problem permanently.

Thanks for your patience.


Hello Chris,

Thanks for the help.

The submission form seems to be working now. I guess everything's fine. Sorry to trouble you. I'll try to layoff the coffee some and be more patient.