Victory! Schedule restored!

One of the reasons I put Curveball on a monthly schedule was to emulate the comic book nature of the story format. The other reason was because I thought "hey, I can do this in a month."

The first reason--the gimmicky one--works ok. The second one has been troublesome.

The web version of Issue 5 juuust barely fully qualified as the "November Issue" because I posted the last page on the last hour of the last day of November. The ebook didn't go out till December. The web version of Issue 6 says "December" but it should say "hybrid" because the last part got posted in the early morning of the New Year, 2013. :P And Issue 7 says "January" but it should say "Jan-Feb" because pretty much the same thing happened. And of course those ebooks were posted in the wrong months (6 in Jan, 7 in Feb).

But today, essentially a little under two weeks after Issue 7 went up, and the day after the Issue 7 ebook hit Amazon and the rest (due to troubling DSL issues) I posted the web version of Issue 8. MY SCHEDULE IS RESTORED. :-D

Now to put The Points Between back on the rails.

I'll be waiting for the next Points Between podcast.

I'm at a con this weekend, but if all goes according to plan Chapter 26 should be up late next week, with podcast a few days after!

Congrats! What convention is this? Are you tabling or wandering the halls incognito?

Falling behind... sucks.

Nothing drives you to write like NanoWriMo though. Lords of Kobal that was a marathon....

SgL, every year I go to What the Hell?!? Con in Greensboro, NC. I have a table, but I never have anything to sell. Well, I do this year, actually, but that's a new development. :)