Views or reads?

I made my site with Wix, and the only way I have to tell how many people go to my site is to check Google Adsense. I've been getting a surprising number of views lately, anywhere between 12 and 16 every other day or so, which is great! But all that tells me is that somebody went to the main page. Only one person ever leaves comments (and he's on here) so I have no idea how which of my stories people are clicking on, if any, or how far they're reading before closing out. Any tips on how to get that kind of info?

Dude i have no idea

I dunno, I use wordpress and for analytics you generally have to pay extra (beyond whatever Google Adsense is telling you) . Perhaps there's an analytics thing you can buy for Wix? Wordpress, though, will keep track of page views across my different episodes. Not sure why Wix only gives you the main page.

Because it's not Wix giving me the information. I've put a couple ads from Google on my site. Nobody ever clicks on them, but they're worth having to know how many people are visiting my page each day. But since Google only sees my site as "my site" and not all the different pages on my site, I have no way of knowing which pages they clicked on or how long they were there. I'll check to see if Wix has an analytics tool next time I work on it.

I've heard that the best thing is visitors vs. views. If you have 100 visitors and 103 views, people might be finding your page but not actually clicking through or reading your stuff.

If you have 100 visitors and 300 views on the other hand, you know someone is reading, and that's swell.