Visibility explosion from review

I'm a writer who's happy with a hundred to two hundred pageviews per week, and that's the aggregate sum of every site where I upload my stories.

Out of those RRL amounted for around a third.

Since one review (not my story) of one of my titles entered the top five weekly reviews, the title itself suddenly got 800+ views per day. For me that's a brutal increase which shows how important it is to be seen in order to be seen.

I saw that review. Happy to see you getting some positive attention, Sten!

I know Rewrite... and congrats on the exposure!

What is RRL? Also, congratulations on the views!

Heh. Thanks, but this post actually wasn't for the bragging rights. I wanted to highlight the absurd importance of visibility. In this specific case 60% of all views from August 2015 to May 2016, and then 40% of the views in less than two weeks. It's been touched upon in the stats-threads here as well.

@Walter RRL is here One of several publishing platforms. This one primarily catering to VRMMORG and reincarnation stories.

The top weekly reviews is absolutely huge in terms of visibility. Regular advanced reviews also help. You can also check out the RRL forums and do a self promotion thread and pick up some more.

I've kind of known that it's all about visibility, what with people saying appearing on TWF helps them out. I wonder a bit if there's "levels" of bumps, where you plateau for a while after each. Like, a "visibility" bump, where people actually discover you exist, then constant, then a "popularity" bump, where people are actually talking about you offsite, then constant, then a "referrals" bump, where people are checking out other things you've written... all hypothetical, of course.

Doesn't entirely explain the possible drop off effect - retention is the other thing that would seem to need to be mastered. My 13th month was my worst on views ever, and I'm currently on track this June for my worst month of 2015. I hope you don't experience an alarming dip later.

Oh, it went down almost to previous levels after the week ran out earlier today :D

There's a small retention effect still alive as the title in question is separated into volumes. Seems a small number of readers continued into the sequels.

I don't know if this is the right thread, but is there a forum that deals specifically with modern fiction stories (like mine or Daron's Guitar Chronicles)?

I can confirm that simply being listed on twf gives a big boost - last month I had a 400% increase in traffic from that simple fact. So having a good review can't help but do wonders for traffic.