I was wondering. How popular are webnovels, really? How much should I expect the number of readers to increase, provided the prose is fairly good?

Currently I'm getting ~80 visits per day and I've got about 100 unique visitors that have visited more than a dozen times. My blook is three months old now. I'd like some numbers to compare if you don't mind sharing.

I'm around the same, actually. It depends on which analytics service I go by, but according to Google Analytics, I (having been around roughly three months as well) average around 250 pageviews a day, between 85-140 daily unique visitors and I have no idea how many return visitors.

I advertise fairly regularly, though.

I don't advertise at all, beyond having my page on WFG, and whatever fallover I manage to lap up from any advertising the other Wibblys do on their own stories. I usually get 60-100 pageviews a day on days where it's not completely dead.

Street gets around 300-500 pageviews a day, but 100 of those are bots and spam, so call it 200-400.

I'm certainly not displeased with my traffic now, because I remember when I was just starting out at less than 50 a day. Things picked up very very slowly, I was at around 100 at the end of 2007, and then in the new year I got a huge jump from getting the first book published. My best months have been May and August this year averaging more than 500 a day.

I don't advertise much, although I suppose I should. I'm just not sure what would be worth the effort, and I definitely haven't got much cash.



A lot of it also depends on how frequently you update. Someone who updates sporadically might have a different amount of hits than someone who has a set schedule. From there, someone who updates several times per week will have a different amount of hits, etc.

Another thing that'll help is whether or not you have a large archive -- the more work available for people to peruse through (re-read, re-explore, or visit for the first time) the more likely you'll be to get people who swing by on off-days. Same with having a forum, comment threads, etc.

That said, when I was doing weekly Larkenia updates I had around 300 hits per day (slightly less on off-days, slightly more on updating days). I don't keep up on Baubles and Broomsticks yet, to be honest. It's still too early for me to worry about it (and I'm trying to get out of my stats-checking addiction ^^;;).

The problem with my site is that it is still starting. I've done some advertising and that earned me about 500 hits, but of those hits I'm not really sure who actually stops to read at all. Without advertising I'd imagine the most hits I'd be getting a day would be around 20-30 as there's not that much material posted yet and thus far my update schedule is only once a week.

@Morgan: I was meaning to ask all of you whether you thought having a forum or a tagboard was a good way to get people to visit your site and come back? Personally, I find it nice to be able to discuss something I read or watch, and anything I avidly get into will usually find me haunting their forums at the least. But when you're just starting out, is there a point to it? I recently added a cbox (a tagboard) onto my site in the hopes that it might inspire some of those quiet/impatient readers to quickly leave a comment without having to leave the page--but what if no one uses it and its just left empty? It feels a little embarrassing to leave something like that out for people only to see it not used at all, like no one cares for my story enough to bother. I'm sorry to say it, but in addition to finding a site with a forum in avid use, any site I find with a dead forum tends to have me leaving and not coming back. It kind of says something about the website, doesn't?

I think the highest number of page views that I got was around 1500, but that's because I advertised on Tales of Mu with some risque ads. Normally, it was around 300, or less. Advertising is good only if you know how to do it wisely. At first I wasn't doing it wisely, I lost a lot a money. You have to find a way to make that money back whether through donations or a small little fund you set up exclusively for your story. e

I know you were asking Morgan personally, but I think it's cool when people have forums posted. It's a little strange when there are hardly any chapters and there is a forum with very little posts, but when you establish a few regular readers or have more chapters posted, it'll be easier. Personally, I just use the comment boxes for discussion. Like we do here, I just use the @ symbol and post someones screenname if I have to talk to someone directly.

Eikasia -- I think forums and/or tagboards could be fun, if your audience is interested. I tend to gravitate away from tagboards, since spammers have a bad history of enjoying them a bit more than I'd like. The thing with forums, though, is that usually you have to have a pretty active audience culled before adding them, or else they simply aren't used (which doesn't neccesarily mean you've been around a long time, but having some staying power can help). On top of that, it's important to understand your audience: having 500 regular visitors is good, but if they aren't the chatty type, a forum won't do anything for them.

I know that I personally rarely visit the forums to works I read. I read about three web serials online, and follow four or more webcomics, and I only occassionally (once every three months or so) check a single forum. But it's good to know that others enjoy them. ^^

when I first started my main blog I didn't know about this community and so I didn't try to 'actively' promote my site or anything like that. Then my only visits where from my signature link on a webcomic forum I somewhat followed and the usual random visitor. After that I let my site 'die' because I had no other option at the time.

Now, starting from scratch (new address, etc) in about 2-3 weeks that I'm running it I'm getting about 20-25 pageviews/day some of them returning visitors (according to statcounter) and a little more on days I update the story. I've also started a new blog that has only my current novel (whereas the main blog is more like an archive of all my works). In ~10days it has about the same traffic that my main has, forcing me to think that having only one story/blog makes it more accessible/less intimidating.

That is ~30-35 (not counting the redirects from one blog to another) pageviews/day for me. I've never advertised either of those and I think that I'll wait for such a thing until I manage to create a somewhat bigger archive for the current story (I'm thinking at about 25 chapters at least), and they got no reviews or links from other places (at least that I know of), so I wasn't expecting much more than that.

About the forums thingy, I read 4 web serials and over 15 web comics, and I've went only to 1 forum of those (and that only for a limited period where I had ample free time). But I don't think you can compare forums to a tagboard. I've never posted to a tag board before and neither I'm inclined to. That is because while on one hand it offers me much better accessibility than a forum, on the other it seems totally chaotic and not structured, with no 'real' purpose. To put it simply: why and what should I write there? If I had an observation for the novel, or a comment for a chapter, I would simply comment on the comments form that has the plus to be more 'permanent'.

Man, I'm jealous of people who get even 20 views a day. I've had my site going around a month now, faithfully update 3 times a week, and advertised it on some popular webcomics I thought would get me some hits, and I still average less than ...well, actually, I don't think I really have any fans. Ah well, gotta keep plodding along, I suppose.

@PC ... it might help if there were links to the actual chapters on your site's front page. To get to the story a reader has to click "Books" in the top panel, and then scroll down to the chapter of their choice.

A good rule of thumb is the more work you make (potential) readers do to get to the content the fewer visitors will actually get to the content. I'd suggest making your 'new chapter' announcements (on the front page) clickable (link them to the new chapter) and perhaps adding a 'latest chapters' module to the sidebar listing the last 3-5 chapters to go up (again making them clickable links).

Sorry if this is the wrong place to offer such comments ^^;

Wow, 500 a day? The most I've ever gotten was something like 35...

Then again, I did just start, and I haven't really put much thought into advertising.

I'm at about 180-300 pageviews a day, with an average of 50-80 visitors. Occasionally, I'll get around 500 pageviews, or 100 visitors (126 is my record), but I think that may be due to ads or a link somewhere.

I'm never quite sure when I'll get an ad boost, because I make long-term, very low bids on project wonderful ads. That way, I get the best price and don't have to pay as close attention to my bids.

Without the ads though, it tends to hover around the averages. The thing I really can't figure out, is how/why the spiders coming to my site fluctuate so heavily. It'll be like 300 one day and then 80ish the next... I guess when a couple start coming, the rest follow? I dunno.

On average I'm getting between 2000-3000 page views a day and between 700-1000 visitors a day.