Vote Plugin

Hello there!

Would it be possible to have a vote plugin for the TWF list where one can directly enter captcha and vote and is visible where it is embed?

Also, I dunno much coding so I dunno what to call it...plugin? widget?

You don't need a plugin. Go find your entry on WFG. There should be a link on it called "Vote for this serial on Top Web Fiction." Right-click on it and click copy link location. Then you just insert that as a hyperlink.

If you want a plugin... it doesn't exist. Partly because we don't need it, but mostly because Chris is really, really busy. Not only is he maintaining all this, but he has a job as well. It's ok for you to ask for features, just be understanding when they take a while.

@t4nky, he's not talking about a hyperlink, I'm pretty sure he means an embedded voting frame, sort of the "picture within picture" of the html world.

@Durrendal, To embed a voting embed in wordpress site is impossible, since they REALLY want you to shell out the money for their "professional" version (please...nobody do's a rip-off in my opinion). Luckily for you, it looks like your fic isn't hosted on wordpress!

I don't have a way to test it out, but I *think* the code below should work out for you. If not, the phrase you'll want to google is "iFrame" or "embedded frame"


"<iframe src="voting_link_here" width="100%" height="400" border="0"></iframe>"

if that doesn't work, try "[iframe]voting_link_here[/iframe]"

Again, to everyone looking at these snippets, I re-iterate these will NOT WORK on a site. If you are self-hosting a wordpress site, then you can install this plugin for free to do the same thing.

@T4anky, Thanks for the reply.

@Maddirose, oooh, I will check this out for sure!