Warbler Webnovel Annoucement

Rather obviously, one of my many hobbies is writing, specifically Science Fiction and Fantasy. A surprising number of the people I have showed it to have remarked that I am good at it. Therefore, I have decided to serialize my current project, Warbler.

It can be found at warblerwebnovel.weebly.com, and is a work of post-apocalyptic, character-focused Science Fiction. It updates with a new chapter every Monday.

It shares a some storytelling DNA with Battlestar Galactica, Armada (the Ernest Cline novel), and Agents of Shield. It's about the crew of a small, PT Boat-like spaceship in the aftermath of an extinction-level war.

I've submitted it to webfictionguide, and will be poking around for other serials to hopefully review-swap with once it gets approved.