Web fiction Community Collab. Superhero Story Thread 3

So, it seems that concesus is no one knows WHY people are supers, people have been supers all through history, and people would like a modern story, but with the ability to write older themed stories.

I'm going to steal a page from John Wick (rpg writer) here. I'd like everyone that reads this thread to post one truth about the world that is different from our world. It could be big (no having germany win wwII, but maybe the hindenberg never happened, and zeppelins compete with airplanes. ), it could be small, (telephones were always headsets, not handpieces, so cell phones are always built as full headsets, no one would hold a phone in their hand), but it should not directly compete or argue with something someone else posted. Also, any time frame. For example, my truth for the world

The Greek and Roman Gods were supers who ruled in the past, and their descendants were often supers as well, though not always.

I dunno... Tenmujin's son managed to reach southern Japan?

After a lot of thought, the best I could come up with would be making the U.S. Forefathers supers of varying ability. It may need a bit of tweaking, but I figured North America would have a lot of involvement in the story since that is where most of us are from (and our expertise lies), and this truth could have some involvement in a lot of supers being in this area and opens up a potential conspiracy angle. (We could change it if some of the guys have something else in mind)

On another note, I guess I better read up about Tenmujin. Glad to have you join us intergal

I like that thought. (the forefathers).

Temujin, btw, denizen, is better known as Genghis Khan.