Web-fiction on Wikipedia

Hi there!

I've been browsing around the net, and I think it's time Web-fiction made it to the Wikipedia properly. There are some articles on there, but I find most of them highly unsatisfying.


Strangely enough, there is no article on Web-fiction, only a category, in which only 5 pages can be found. (And which shouldn't all be there I believe...)

Anyway, what content is missing? What sorts of web-fiction are there? Personally I would come up with blogfiction and serial-fiction (which is called webserial on Wiki). Apparently there is also something like a Wovel... Any other that really should be there?

I also noticed that a lot of works listed here are listed on the webserial page, but is that really the best spot? (I also think it isn't really conform Wiki-standards, but I'll leave it there :) ) And wouldn't better information get more readers?

Since we are a community of readers AND authors of web-fiction we should be able to come up with good information and insights. I strongly believe it's time to step out into the big internet world and let it know what it is exactly we love.

In reality, web fiction is considered unauthenticated and unofficial works. That is why wikipedia has no much information of them. In fact, there are very little web fiction that gains extreme success comparable to the printed ones. We have long way to go....

Maybe particular works aren't very notable, but I think that publishing fiction for the web on the web is becoming notable enough to deserve a quality entry in the Wikipedia. I am not arguing all the different works should have a page on Wikipedia, but I do want decent information about the phenomenon on there.

You are totally right. Perhaps someone has to make the starting point of the official recongnition.

A list of notable titles on the general web fiction page would be a good idea, mind you.



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and webfictionguide is on there... it's a start :)