Web Serial Graphics, Headers, and Character Art.

Hey there, guys:

Just making a quick post to let you all know that Dionysia Designs is now accepting commissions. The artist, Gale, has done the graphics for all of my sites (except for Baubles and Broomsticks), as well as working as a professional graphic designer and illustrator. She's done headers, banners, character art, and more. So if you're looking for some affordable ($5-25 US) art for your web serial, look no further.

Check us out today!


I'll bite. ;)

Tell her to check her e-mail. :P

^^ You guys are awesome. ^^

I'm definitely interested, I just need to figure out what I want/ need and then get in touch with someone about specifics and whatnot (oh that whatnot)

I just got the sketches of the characters I commissioned back, and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. I'll toot Gail's horn for a while and suggest her if you guys need any artwork done. Professional-looking and budget-friendly. ;)

I plan on using her again in the near future.

Are the pictures posted on your website? I'd love to see them. I just got paid, so I'll probably look into it. I was wondering if she could have a general facts page on what she's willing to draw and what's she's not and some other general questions that people might ask.

Sora --- Ach! Sorry I missed this. ^^;; Yep, she has her galleries up here, so you can see some examples of her work. As for things she's willing to draw, she's willing to do everything but hardcore porn (erotic = okay). I'll make sure I force her to do a FAQ, though. Good idea. ^^

It's alright. I've actually been looking at her galley alot and think I might commission somethings after I get my finances together.

@EJ, are you pictures posted on your website?

Here are the links to the pictures she did for me-- keeping in mind that she's responsible for the lineart, while I colored it. :P

Here, here and here...

Overall, I was extremely satisfied.

Very professional looking. I'll definitely look into it some more.

Gail also did the new banner for Winter Rain for me. It's lovely work, and she put up with me for a week -- which is quite a feat in and of itself. :-) I still have to modify the colour scheme of my website a bit, to match the banner palette, but stop by and have a look. Link is in my sig.


Chris your banner is fabulous and I think that Gail has really captured the spirit of the story well!

I am playing with the idea of commissioning some artwork myself now :D

Awesome banner, Chris, and captures Tiergan well.

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the end result. The actual drawing is much larger, and I think it looks amazing. Gail's working on some ads for me now, based on the banner. And, if she's still willing to talk to me, I have a couple of more ideas in mind for additional drawings. :-)