Web Serial Recommendations (Non-Fantasy, Non-Crime, Non-Superhero)

Can anyone recommend non-fantasy non-crime web serial fiction?

It seems like almost every serial listed on this site (and others) has something to do with werewolves, vampires, superheroes and crime duos. I have had it. I want something similar to "Sex and the City" and other sitcoms.

Except, you know, in a web serial fiction format. The only decent ones I've seen so far are Philly Gayborhood and Rowena's Page.

Start at http://webfictionguide.com/modern-fiction/ then use the tag bar to add more tags until you find a subset you are looking for.

Sadly, the reason there aren't any recommendations on the Philly Gayborhood page already is that nobody who has recommended it has recommended anything else in that section.

And then once you've read it, review it. The more visible something is, the more readers it gets, and also the more likely it is to draw readers and writers who like that sort of thing to the site.

As things are, if you like superheroes, you have a better chance of hearing about this site because superhero writers have found they get something out of pushing this site. If modern fiction writers discover the same, they'll push it too.

My recommendations are:


The Xandra Letters

Suzie's House

Let us know what else you find :-)

Most stories are genre or niche fiction online, and I think it is a case of demographics. The internet skews younger, and so fantasy and sci-fi (and superheroes are both) dominate the landscape. Science and tech make a lot of sense on the Net.

Serious fiction is rare - the literary Moby Dick, War and Peace stuff - the environment is more fun, shortterm, fast paced for that. Dense literary stuff doesn't really suit the medium.

Sitcom style stuff might work well though if someone was interested in trying, but mainstream ordinary might not survive on the web because it is oriented around serving specific cultures , niches and subgroups.

I would recommend "the Third Person" but it is very serious and literary, not light sitcom.

Im in total agreement with original poster, I'd LOVE to read some straight literary fiction online. I just... have little interest in writing it. which I fear is common, most people writing that kind of fiction are still shoving at the slush pile.

And kids serial lit? Any good KIDS stuff? either suess level or 1-6 grade chapter book kinda stuff?



My favourite recent read of modern-life (non fantasy/scifi) web fiction is The Smell Collector. It's not really sitcom-like as Ergo_Summer requested; I would describe it as a quirky romantic comedy.

I haven't seen much for really young kids, but for tweens (8-12 years) I'd recommend My Stupid Journal, The Puzzle Box, and A Bit of Cold Weather at Upperworth.

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone.

I came across "The Smell Collector" a while ago, but the title and blurb reminded me of supernatural serials. I don't even know how I made that connection. Anyway, it looks like I should give it a try.

In response to the argument regarding visibility, I think it's kind of a catch-22. Yes, non-supernatural and non-superhero writers should probably "push" this site more, but maybe the dominance of superhero/fantasy/sci-fi serials are scaring them away.

It's a lot like trying to pitch a show to the CW as opposed to HBO. Certain writers might feel more welcome if non-supernatural comedies and dramas were as well represented as the superhero/fantasy/sci-fi fiction on here.

It would also make them more likely to promote the site.

I'd agree that the science fiction/fantasy/superhero visibility on the site might scare them away.

The other piece of it (and this echoes Gavin's thoughts), is that the people writing speculative fiction are probably excited about technology on some level, and thus are more likely to think posting a serial online is a good idea. In my experience, a lot of writers aren't particularly excited about technology. It's a tool for getting work done, and often a rather frustrating one.

It's quite possible that they're more likely to be going the traditional route of getting published (first query agent, then sent to publisher, then published...), and not even aware that online fiction is a thing. They'd be more likely to be aware of self-publishing via Amazon etc...

Web fiction is a bit of a niche market.

Aw Fiona, I've had such a sucky day, and you have no idea how happy you just made me by just recommending my story :-). You turned a super bad day, awesome. So thanks :-)

In response to the argument regarding visibility, I think it's kind of a catch-22. Yes, non-supernatural and non-superhero writers should probably "push" this site more, but maybe the dominance of superhero/fantasy/sci-fi serials are scaring them away.

They either need to get over it, or you need to resign yourself to never seeing the stories you like here.

I think there are other sites such as Wattpad that have more of a predominance of other genres such as romance. WFG was started by a bunch of fantasy writers so like attracts like. But I'm glad to see the other genres getting some love here too.

@NaomiL. Aah, you're welcome! :-)

Here's a new one that sounds up your alley and it's just been reviewed.


That sounds promising. Thank you, Fiona!


Haven't read it myself but it's well rated and looks like the sort of story you've asked for. I think Fiona gave the initial rating so she might be able to give you a better opinion

It's good but sad.

Haven't read it, but based on the description, the Grace Greenwood Angle might be right up your alley.

Thank you, Chrysalis. I read the first chapter and it was quite funny! :)