Webfiction (or print novels) with transvestite or cross dresser main characters


There's an occassional hashtag discussion on Twitter called #FeministSF and Zoe Whitten (who I'm sure many of you will remember) is co-hosting a discussion on transgender characters in fiction and they are looking for stories to talk about. On Twitter she said:

"I want to see stories suggested with main characters who are transsexual whether that be pre-op-post-op or non-op, intersexed, hermaphrodites, cross dressers, tranvesties, bigenders or dual-gendered, which is characters capable of switching genders, either by magic or as a genetic function."

The peeps in charge have said that discussing webfiction is okay. The hosts have things in mind for most of the types mentioned above but are looking for stories where the main character is a transvestite or cross-dresser? It can be print, ebook only or webfiction.

I couldn't think of any so I offered to post here to see if anyone had any suggestions.



I always feel kind of self-conscious about pointing this sort of thing out, and she doesn't show up until later in the narrative anyway, but The Last Skull includes Red, who's a MtF transgender woman who ends up being Sue Daysdale's love interest. She doesn't show up until the second book, but she's meant to be a main character. I wrote her after making friends with several transgender people who showed a lot of interest in comic books, and feeling a desire to create a character they could connect with. She was/is slated to return in the rewrite, and appear earlier on (with some substantial modifications to her powers).

The arc that Red shows up in is here: http://the-last-skull.blogspot.com/p/book-2-being-hero.html

Also, if I recall, Shimmer is a webfiction series that focuses on a transgender woman superhero, and is featured prominently on this site: http://webfictionguide.com/listings/shimmer/

I suppose my aliens are sort of relevant: the Jokka have three sexes and often change at puberty.

I should probably get around to that story in the setting with the human neuters and hermaphrodites. At some point. I have drawn them but not written them. :)

I absolutely love Drag Queen Astronaught by Sarah McDonald. Incredibly poignant exploration of gender expression. McDonald also has a self-published book dealing with gender called Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories (which I haven't read).

Capriox Bovidae writes a serial about a female warrior ritually transitioned and culturally acknowledged as a man called Strong Heart.

Dicebox is an amazing webcomic set in a futuristic world where there exists a veritable gender cornucopia.

Kagerou has a character named Heyoka who appears to be a male-to-female transgendered person (the author, Luka, is also a MtF transgendered person).

For an incredible mainstream published sci-fi trilogy dealing with a three-sexed species and five-way matings, there's Octavia E. Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy. Her stuff in general tends to explore the binary gender paradigm.

The manga Saiyuki, a parody of the Asian legend "Journey to the West" depicts the Bodhisattva of Mercy as intersexed/hermaphroditic.

Zerophilia is a fun movie about a minority of humans who upon being sexually initiated change sexes every time they orgasm (believe it or not, it's not porn).

Lynn Flewelling wrote a mainstream published trilogy where the main character is magically sex-changed at birth to protect her from assassins.

I feel like I'm missing quite a few, but these are the ones that come to me off the top of my head. I'll keep digging.

In my current project, Guts and Sass, gender and gender ambiguity play more of a background role, and most of the gender elements have not yet become obvious, though they become more prominent as the story progresses. One of the main characters, Alan, is from a semi-domesticated herding culture where he experienced the first rite of passage for being male, but not the second for being a herder (the equivalent of the "man" gender in their culture) because of his role as a healer. Therefore he occupied something of a third-gender status, but upon being kidnapped by the local binary-gender agriculturalists was firmly shoved in the "man" category. Another main character, a young woman named Ridiath, has developed a rather ambiguous gender role in her culture that doesn't raise an eyebrow among the people she lives with, but endangers her life when interacting with other cultures. There's also a supporting character, Beond, who is biologically female and has always identified with and lived a man's gender role.

Oops, correction: Luka, author of Kagerou, is FtM, not MtF.

Barth Anderson's short story "Lark Till Dawn, Princess" is the best magical transvestite story ever. Though it's not like I've read another one, actually, unless watching Rocky Horror counts... but... ever, I said. EVAH! It's in the anthology "Mojo, Conjure Stories" edited by Nalo Hopkinson. (This reply is probably a bit late, since three days is the equivalent of three years in Twitter time, but hey.)