WebFictionChat Discord Room

I've made WebFictionChat a server on Discord if anyone wants to hop in! It's sort of like an IRC room, but you can read the entire backlog, and it's formatted a little cleaner.


Doth anyone remember this? It's quite empty usually, and a chatroom without people is not fun at all.

Now that I use Discord daily, you can expect me around :)

I'm there, too. :)


I, too, am there. I know you're excited.

Is Discord like Slack?

@Patrick Pretty much!

Chris, can we sticky this somewhere?

Pseudo Sticky!


(I wish)

Yes, we can't let DISCO(rd room) Die!!

Thanks for setting this up! Nice to see so many familiar faces in there. :)

Cannae lettae Disco die!

I have pondered long upon this dilemma, but I have finally determined that the best course of action is to cannae let disco die.

Just thought I'd bump this, for anyone new who doesn't know about the Discord channel. (I've been there more often than here, lately...)

Huh, I wasn't aware of this, thanks.

still alive and better than fuckin' ever

yeah its good

Yeah, we're pretty active these days, so come on in and join the fun!