Weblit.us signup issues? Please help.

Hi guys,

I was very sad to read that the forums here are going to close, but glad to be directed to weblit.us as an alternative community for authors. I'm hoping that someone here is or knows an admin at weblit.us and can help me out.

I tried signing up yesterday, and then got the "you'll be sent an email with your password" notification, but no email. I tried registering again, thinking I'd typo-ed my email and it said that my address was already in use. So in the database, I guess I just need to know my default password? The I-Forgot-My-Password utility doesn't work for me either, I get no emails from weblit.us.

I wouldn't post this here, but I guess to deter bots there's no way to post as an anonymous user or email an admin on weblit.us.

Happy New Year, all :)

The forums here are closing? Geez, go away for a holiday and all hell breaks loose. ;) I'm rather sad to hear that.

OK, so here's the deal with the email from WebLit.Us, actually, anything Drupal sends from my server: Your email program/provider probably thinks it's spam, especially if you're on Gmail. Check your spam filter. If you still can't find it, my email is info, with the domain DigitalNovelists.com. Don't wanna put the whole thing together here.

Thanks so much! It was right there hiding in spam.

I don't want to be spreading unfounded rumors, so here's the blog post I was referring to: http://blog.webfictionguide.com/2009/12/upcoming-site-changes/ -- skimming it again, it isn't a definite "forums are closing", so there's hope!

Hi Lizzy,

It's still on the "likely to happen" list, but there's no hurry. We'll need to see what the new site looks like before making any final decisions.


Man, I hope the forums here do not close. Weblit.us has a different focus and a different feel.