Several web authors have decided to pool resources in promoting our stories. We've set up a forum at WebLit.Us as a central clearinghouse for promotional ideas and cross-promoting schemes. We will not duplicate existing forums; promotion and marketing is all we're going to deal with.

That's a very cool concept with some great potential, MeiLin.

I signed up there and just can't wait to make a scene and get kicked off.

Signing up now. :)

Just a reminder - We're starting to amass quite a few resources over at WebLit.us, and there's an AntholoZine that any web literature is eligible for print in, so come check us out! Already we've managed to get some results through our cross-promo efforts, but we need more people on board!

I've tried to register but I don't seem to receive any confirmation email. :'(

Check the spam filter, that's where mine went.

I'll have a look, thanks. :)

up-date: You were right! o/