WebLit Weekend

It started out as the second annual upstate New York gathering of my fans, but this year the Sterling RenFair meetup is expanding into a miniature version of the infamous Webcomics Weekend. Capriox ("Strong Heart"), Karen Wehrstein ("Philosopher in Arms" and "asa kraiya"), Shirley Meier ("Eclipse Court"), Lyn Thorne-Alder ("Addergoole") and a good handful of readers have RSVP'ed, and RavenRux ("The Clarion"), Blue Coyote ("Snakeskin") and Wysteria ("Tapestry") are maybes. I will be there in spirit as usual. :)

Details: http://www.weblit.us/content/summer-meetup-new-york-state and/or http://www.meilinmiranda.com/node/2184

... Wish I could, alas I'm on the wrong side of the pond! And Mount Dhoom is working overtime these days. :(