Webnovels with audio versions?

I recently saw aethernea pop up on the top 15 on TWF.

The site took forever to load but... holy crap. Cloe outdid herself.

I thought I was a tryhard with everything I did for branding and promotion but... Cloe literally posts an audio, author read version of her story on her website.

I haven't felt this outclassed in a while. I feel impressed and inspired.

Do your thang, Cloe! I'm so impressed by the websites of two new stories on TWF I am going to read them in the next couple weeks. On one hand, it sucks that TWF is getting so much more competitive, on the other hand, I like a challenge and I like the inclusion of all these amazing new stories to get the site more traffic.


That's amazing :O Has this ever been done before? Brilliant idea.

Yeah, I've done this.


I podcasted the entirety of Pay Me, Bug!, and I did the first arc of The Points Between, and one or two issues of Curveball... Unfortunately they're terrible (my narration has improved over time, as has my recording equipment, but I'm still not great) and it's very time consuming... and I can't do Curveball because I can't read Curveball's dialog aloud with a 7 year old in the house. :)

Mostly it's the time consuming thing, though. A 15-30 minute narrated podcast actually takes anywhere from 60-90 minutes to record on average, because I never read anything perfectly the whole way through. Eventually I get tired and start making mistakes and I lose the ability to read and speak (talking with a few people who read audiobooks for a living, apparently this is an actual thing that happens).

I want to get back into it. Apparently someone Jim Zoetewey knows listened to the Pay Me, Bug! podcast all the way through and didn't find it a horrible experience, and I'd like to get all my stuff in audio format and try podiobooks or maybe even audible.

That's dedication. I'm impressed.

Yeah, that's the problem. Unfortunately the only realistic expectation I have for getting audio out for my stories is to do it myself, which means I have to accept all the limitations -- the sometimes painful limitations -- that DIY audio will bring. Unfortunately none of the stuff I'm selling is popular enough to attract the interest of a profit-sharing voice talent on ACX.

For those of you interested in this sort of thing, check out Reddit's /r/VoiceOver community. They have some excellent guides and resources.


If you're in a major metropolitan area, if your public library system has makerspaces, it is very likely that they have recording booths or rooms that can be used either for free or nominal charge, with equipment that is already calibrated and ready to go! All you have to do is book the room, show up, and bring your USB key, and start recording.

Now, how are we going to convince Wildbow to make an audio version of Worm? :D

(I kid, I kid)

Oh, I feel sorry for the voice of the narrator who takes that on...

"it's HOW many words???"


Isn't there already an a fan audiobook version of Worm? I remember reading about it finishing a few months ago.

Yes, there's a fan-made audiobook of Worm here: http://audioworm.rein-online.org/ - I can't testify to quality, as I'm hard of hearing and don't often listen to that sort of thing, but I know several people have finished the story that way.

This is super neat! I made a podcast tie-in to Antlers (about a haunted radio station) this past spring, but never thought about making Antlers itself into an audiobook.

On behalf of Wilderness: I've listened to the audio version of Worm. The quality takes a while to gets its act together, but since there is so MUCH story to tackle, it's hardly an impossible length of time. I've read through Worm twice already, and I listened to a great deal of the audio version, so I'll testify to its quality.

Of course, we don't all have fanbases willing to create audiobooks for us, so...

I tired once, long ago, to start recording a story for audiobook.

After listening to it, I quickly dumped the idea. I just don't have the melodious tones for it and I'm not the best of public speakers.

I've considered doing this myself, maybe uploading narrations of my shorts to YouTube or something. Never got around to it due to lack of adequate material and equipment. Also, most of my writing would be read best in a sexy female voice, and I'm too cheap to pay a voice actress. :P

Still, this thread has given me something to think about. As I add more shorts and flash fiction to my blog, it may be fun to buy a microphone and try this out.

Hell, if I bought a scanner, maybe I could even doodle some pictures to go with it, if I'm doing vids.