Website Design Opinions?

What it says on the tin!

How does my web serial site look? Good? Bad? Okay? I'm not particularly happy with it, but maybe that's just because I've been staring at it for so long.

The text column is really skinny on vertical mobile. That bothered me. The colours are nice, though. I wasn't expecting blue for something called The Bitter Drop, but it's a nice shade. Very calm.

What's your resolution? It's set to go into single-column when on mobile devices!

Yeah, but it's a thin column. It's thirty characters wide and I can't zoom in or out of it.

It's up to you if you want to change it, but personally, I just wouldn't stick around.

I'm going to look into fixing that, then. This is the first WP theme I've worked on and there are some rough areas.

I really like it; looks crisp and clean and professional. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the font on the sidebar headings and the menu font. Too fancy; best to keep it simple, I think.

Tartra: okay, after a lot of fiddling, I think I've made the mobile layout more presentable and easier to read. I don't know how to fix the no-zoom thing, as I suspect that might be WordPress's doing and not mine. I'd be much obliged if you could check the site again on your mobile device and tell me if it looks/reads better!

zephy669: thank you very much! :> I think I'm keeping that particular font, though. :P I wanted to use the logo font somewhere other than the logo, after all.

I really like it, as it currently stands (which might be post-fiddling, not sure).

My only two mild complaints:

1. The title text on the right hand sidebar is in some weird and terrible font that is really quite unpleasant.

2. The lack of use of capitals on major header text such as the 'irresponsible, divine' and 'the bitter drop updates every week, usually around' etc. text, is weird. Throw some caps in that!

Other than that, the blue feathery-paisley thing going on is just *beautiful*. I might recommend allowing your title box to expand in that header (without increasing the vertical size of it), just to let that text of 'bitter' breathe a bit more, it looks a little cramped. A bit wider kerning and a little bit more vertical spacing between lines there would be kind to it.

By the way, I am envious as hell of your beautiful right-hand side buttons. Those are LOVELY and CLEAN and make me want to click all of them even without reading the serial. I might have to steal those. :D

It looks the same to me. :/ It's alright when my phone is horizontal, but I keep my autorotate off and I have a big screen. Smaller phones might not do too well.

Patrick Rochefort: okay, so that's two votes against using the logo font for site elements. I shall have to replace it, I suppose, even though I like the font -- it seems I'm the only one who does. :V

The logo is staying as is, for now. I'm going to commission a better one once money allows but I dunno when that'll be. Maybe soon, maybe in a few months?

(The lack of caps is, uh, a weird aesthetic preference of mine. I should probably not be quite so attached to it, huh? I'll fix it.)

Also, thank you very much! I'm very proud of those buttons, too, they were a bugbear to figure out. I'm using Socicon for the logos and the buttons themselves are almost entirely my own CSS on top of Bootstrap's basic buttons. Getting them to be nice and round was bizarrely hard. They kept getting squished in odd ways.

Tartra: that's very strange. Do you know the dimensions of your phone screen? Could you please take you take a screenshot so I can see what it looks like, to you?

Everything checks out fine on my end when I reduce the browser window, but there might be something I'm failing to account for.

paintedbird: the font's great for the logo, but that's because the logo is bigger so all the curves and bends and curlicues of the font is easily visible. On the headings, it's much smaller and takes away from it.

Here you go:

Don't reduce the browser window to see it. Smaller window =/= mobile view. :P

Looks fine on my mobile, Android 5" screen, thought not sure if you've made adjustments. The only thing I prefer is there to be a "start reading" or "current chapter" kind of button. You've got the archive links, but I don't see anything in the main copy area that allows me to just click to start or continue.

That may be personal preference though.

Don't reduce the browser window to see it. Smaller window =/= mobile view. :P

That's not always true. A lot of the modern themes are specifically set up to be based on the pixel width of the display screen/window. That's what Eviscerati.Org uses, which has made setting up my mobile display a lot easier (even though I STILL don't have it right, it's a lot better than it used to be).

What I wonder is if the theme paintedbird is using is conflicting with a plugin designed to do an older "mobile theme" display. There are some plugins that actually look for the device type and try to determine if the device is mobile or not. It might just be that there's a plugin that needs to be disabled which would clear up that specific issue.

If no one else is seeing the issue, it could also be that Tartra's mobile browser has a "text wrap" setting that's adding white space on top of the existing white space defined in the stylesheet.

It looks fine on my Note 4.