Website discussion


I need professional advice. I'm a web development intern. I helped develop this website for a car loan company: Please tell what you think about it? Is there anything that needs to be improved?

Site looks great man keep it up in fact I might just go ahead and if there's any car loans on there with my name on it riiiiiiiiiiight now

You did very good my friend. The site is very appealing and eye-catching. Its easy to navigate. Its an all-round good good job.

Ah... methinks that anyone checking this link might wanna de-louse their computer with whatever security measures they have available; someone jumping on to ask about a particularly unremarkable website the same day they join the fold is a mite... suspicious.

Particularly given that this website very obviously has nothing to do with car loans. Unless they are online fictional car loans. Which would be a rather boring read.