Weirdest compliment you've ever received

Thanks to a comment on another topic, I thought this might be a fun conversation.

Weirdest one I ever received was from my mom, a couple of months ago: "That's Chris. Never uses three words when one would suffice." I don't think she meant it as a compliment, but, honestly: Yes! Thanks for noticing! :)

What's yours?

Well, I was in Barnes and Noble with my friends, and one of them came over and held up a book called "The Sociopath Nextdoor" and said "Look, guys, it's a book about Alex!"

It was a reference to the fact that, when I write short stories for class, I make sure to kill off all the characters by the end.

Psycho Gecko built a Butterfly Meanie reference into one of his chapters. I'm not sure it was meant as a compliment, but it feels like one.

I don't remember anything else off hand, I have a bad memory for that kind of thing.

Oh, god. I received some weird ones as a fanfiction writer. The best one so far, this guy, Sevvus, just before college ate up my time and had to stop writing the fanfiction he was reviewing. He's probably overjoyed I am rebooting this story he was geeking out on, though re-planning it now with the first reboot flopping due to lack of planning and letting the underlining backstories clash with the main story. Warning to those who are grammar nazi-ish here, you will be flinching through this like I was when I got it two years ago:

"WOOT WOOT CHECK IT! this is amazing! i ...sadly have not yet been able to actually experience persona lol so i HAVE NO CLUE WHATS GOING ON! but it's so wonderful and cool i dont fucking care! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!


AND HOW LONG THEY ARE IS FANTASMICAL! i can even begin to form the words that i want be able to express how much i fucking adore this story! i feel slightly speechless right now lol and this is your fist story! OH HELL NO! you must be some super duper awesome author in real life right? or you have years of experience making crossovers and fanfiction in general and just made another account..while ALSO being an author in real life..because this is ...this is so bloody amazifying that you cant NOT be one..

im gonna be slowly dieing in suspense while im waiting for a new chapter! MY GOAWD XD i cant wait for the next one! you have no IDEA how excited i am! i'm slightly depressed now i cant just push the next chapter button XD i want icecream... (;n;)

Seriously though update soon ok! i mean dont rush and stuff..take your time and dont get frustrated with it..because that never good! XD i want you to have fun writing it as much as i do reading it after all! :D

BUT that doesn't mean i wont be wishing for it to e done fast lol the suspense is freaking horrible! (;A;)so yeah fast for ME but at your own pace lol thats what im hoping for XD keep up thee good work alright! and NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVR EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER ERVR quit writing! hell should freeze before you even think about! BECAUSE I SAID SO! wonderful author you XD




I always get motivated with seeing this review, but still a bit weird to me. Though, this one does not win the "creep me out" award for me, though it is one of my weirdest. The creepy awards goes to the ones begging me to marry him or her.

"You smell like candy."

This is an odd one, that I get on occasion. I have no idea how to respond to it, not even sure if its a compliment or an observation, but, yeah, that happened.

Weirdest/most depressing was when I was adjuncting at a community college. At the end of the semester, a student e-mailed me to thank me for helping him with his writing, and wrote "your a grate teacher". *head-desk*.

Actually, Chrysalis, you wanted me to refer to the Butterfly Meanie. You liked the wrestler "The Blue Meanie" so much that you wanted a reference to that.

And that's why Mix N'Max found a miniature t-shirt for "The Butterfly Meanie" when he broke up an underground sprite wrestling federation in New Orleans.

As for me, I'm not too sure about the strangest compliment I ever received. There was this one time someone told me I looked like an evolutionary throwback, but I'm not sure how that was meant. There were also all the times people said my chest hair looks like the Batman symbol. There was this one really backhanded one where a family member said "You're liberal and atheist, but you're the nicest person I know."

I always feel awkward when people describe writing in gendered or sexual terms. Someone once described a piece I did as "so masculine" they "grew hairs on their chest," which was really, really weird to me.

In terms of personal compliments someone once told me I looked "fruity, but in a good way."

I can't recall any writing-oriented compliments, but I like this game so I will contribute some real life examples.

(Bear in mind I am high-functioning autistic so grew up nerdy and am bewildered when people are nice to me, it makes them funnier)

- during a team building written exercise in school - "your best feature is you have beautiful hazel eyes" - my eyes are blue.

- after introducing the candidate who went on to win the election for class president when I was graduating, a teacher said "Your sppech was so honest and heartfelt I think everyone wanted to vote for you." - I was ineligible and lost the year before.

- at teachers college in Buffalo, after weaving other students' ideas into an answer and crediting them for inspiring my (better) response - professor said "So what is your deal? You're like nice ALL the time, even more than most Canadians. What's the story there?"

- a friend in university "I found you intimidating until you started talking."

- my brother compared me to a super popular friend - "he's like the rain, he affects everyone lightly - you are like lightning, you impact one person in a big way." - um lightning blows up whatever it hits so not sure the metaphor works...

- in grade school two girls who smoked said I smelled good - my parents smoked a lot so it was second-hand stink that I personally hated. Gross.

"I like your goatee, it strengthens your chin" - um so my chin is weak? Backhanded compliment?

Dang PG, now you ruined it. :( But Butterfly Meanie is actually sort of my signature tagline on Myth Weavers.

Here's another one for Wildbow: You were the evil mastermind in my nerdy videogame dream last night.

My favourite from work - "you look like Zod but act like Superman."

I'm going to win this one.

A housemate of mine once told me "dude, you know what? I hate child molesters. I mean I hate them. But if you were a child molester I'd think it was just your way."

Uhhhh... thanks? I guess. Please don't ever say that again.

Wow Ubersoft, that is soooo messed up.

I know! I couldn't even think of a response at the time. My mouth just opened and closed, over and over again as my brain tried to recover a rudimentary grasp of language. I think I finally managed "OK..." and that was that.

Yup, Wright wins. In my case, the best compliment was to an idea that I never actually worked with, deciding it was too... disturbing, but outlined for a a friend. "Dude.... if that's what you are willing to say out loud, how effed up is whats in you're head?"

Best response to a compliment ever, I had read the rough draft of a friends novel, and I told him his writing reminded me of R. A. Salvatore (Cleric Quintet, specifically). He had never read any of the FR novels, and a month later, I saw a post on livejournal (the in thing of the day) saying, "A friend of mine told me I write like R. A. Slavatore, so I figured I'd take a look. I'm halfway through the first Drizzt book, and so far, man I suck. "

I believe he was complimenting your mustache, Ubersoft, or he thought you were such a cool person that he'd overlook you being a pedophile. I have some experience speaking the language of awkward.

I understood what he meant, PG, but you have to admit it's a really screwed up way to go about saying it.

"Your nose and eyes are so beautiful, like you had plastic surgery!" Said multiple times to me in Korea. Thanks, my fellow countrymen.

In Korea, as far as I'm aware, having had plastic surgery (or any procedure done) is something of a status symbol. Some people get braces and keep them well after the point they've served their use, just because of that status?

Might be getting that wrong.

In my case, the weirdest has to be something that was said to me years ago, by a friend who'd been drinking. "You know, you're just beautiful, and you're even cool, too. If it weren't for your acne, you'd be the perfect woman!" Hard to know what to say about something like that, but now that I've gotten older and I don't break out the way I used to, perhaps I've become perfect! XD


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