Weirdest site statistic

Now, I know -- or at least hope -- that I'm not the only one here who obsessively monitors their traffic stats. Just for fun, what's the weirdest statistic on your site? Be it an amusing anomaly in the numbers, a regular visitor from a strange place, whatever.

I get a few unusual visitors, but my most interesting stats are several members of the US military, both army and navy (from base or ship!), and even one from the CIA headquarters in Langley who keeps up with Street on a regular basis.

Hope I haven't got any red flags to my name . . .



I can't say this was a weird stat precisely, but I was amused to find that someone had visited my story using a Playstation 3...

I get a lot of hits from iPods, a few PS3 hits. I always found that somewhat humorous. :P

I've had a few iPods and a Treo as well at one point. I've also had hits from FreeBSD (a form of free unix like Linux except more server focused and less common). I'd be surprised by the FreeBSD hits except I'm the guy who made them.

Actually, I once got a hit from an Amiga on my regular blog a couple years ago. That surprised me.

Amiga. Awesome. I had one of those back in the 80's.

I have quite a few German readers for some reason... though I'm not yet big in japan *ba-dum-kish*

I just went and did a little spy thing before replying, and I have one reader using windows 98...

That's interesting that you've had hits from iPods. I tried reading ToMU from my iPod once and couldn't get the font big enough to read. Those people must know something I don't.

The weirdest stat I've ever had was actually a few days ago. See, I use three different stat collectors (cause I'm weird like that and it gives me more to do). Usually I get between 500 and 1000 pageviews a day but one of them told me that in a single day I had over 12000 pageviews, yet my visitor count stayed firm at around 200.

As for you Clare, I find that if you put the iPod Touch on its side and double-tap the text area, it'll zoom to fill the whole screen, making it far easier to read.

If it's not an iPod Touch or iPhone though, then I got nothin'

I haven't been around long, and without advertising my daily traffic has fallen to about around 30-40 visits a day.

Like Daniels, I had an instance where my pageloads were almost 200, but my visitor count remained at about 30. There's also been some odd visits from sites I used to advertise on through Project Wonderful, but don't anymore. I'm not sure how it is these people click to my site, but apparently they do. I'm not getting any additional charges so I have no idea what's going on.

I can't even TELL you some of the search terms that wind up on my pages. Weirdest one that comes to mind: Multiple hits on jaw pain, because one of my readers mentioned it in the forum...

Thanks, ddaniels! That totally worked. MeiLin, you have a weird hit from an iPod now!

ha! I'll look for it!

Oh man, we're doing search terms? How about "Hurricane Update for Kids," "jell loud," or "Durkon" (a word I'm pretty sure I've never used, or even heard before).

Alex: That's weird, I'm pretty sure 'Durkon' is a character out of the webcomic Order of the Stick. Why it would hit on your site is anyone's guess . . .



Durkon is indeed a character from OOTS (a great little strip by the way). Having never read your story though, I couldn't say why it matched. But search engines have a funny way of doing 'fuzzy search'es, which don't actually match exactly what you type after a few pages (or sooner if it really can't find exactly what you typed)

Oh, and since I havn't posted here, my wierdest stat would definitely have to be when someone found my site by searching for: "forgot to get dressed"

(Yes, chapter 4 from memory) *watches all the guys rush to read about the woman who forgot to get dressed*

I have Dorian Gray as a character, and I've gotten a bunch of hits from people Googling "Dorian Mattress" (which is apparently some kind of therapy mattress).


That was on my "Support the Site" page...

It's the thought that counts, and what a thought. I like it.

Rewriting the Ten Commandments? That reminds me of a book called "Towing Jehovah."

In it, God dies and an oil tanker is hired to tow his body to the North Pole. It includes a few rewritten commandments as well as a bit of social satire. Worth reading.