Well, I Finally Did It

My own site is finally up, live, and viewable to the general public. The vast majority of the content there is still fan-inspired stuff based on Drew Hayes' Super Powereds, but my own fledgling stories are also there, so yay me for finally doing it I guess. Both original stories have been submitted for consideration to the Web Fiction Guide, so hopefully I will be listed here in the next few weeks, at which point I can start pestering people for reviews I guess ^_^

And now I need to find something to distract myself with so I stop worrying about the damned site. Anyone have any suggestions?

I don't really have any suggestions on how to handle site worries (a problem I'm plagued with myself), but just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Write some ideas for your next set of stories? :)

work on more content. you ask for what to do next, thats always my goto answer

Things have been interesting so far. Based on my site stats someone from Sweden binge-read through my entire archive (mostly fan based stuff) in a day, I have someone checking back daily from Israel and Barbados, and I am apparently not important enough yet to get any of the entertaining spam. I'm kinda disappointed on that last one, I mean all the spam so far has been that pointless crap where it's a long string of random characters with about a dozen URL's embedded in it, and it's all been caught by the automatic filter so far.

Let that filter go freeeeee. Join us in the world of spam-swatting! It's a ton of fun!

I don't believe you. Not even a little bit. ^_^

:( Nobody ever does.

Well, I guess I'll just keep shovelling this totally, absolutely, wildly, 100% amazing spam into my comment trash folder alone.