Well, that's that. Now for something completely different.

Pay Me, Bug! is finished.

It will still be updating until October 19/20 (last chapter/last podcast) but it has been formatted and edited as much as it possibly can be, converted to epub and mobi, and queued up on my site to updated every Wednesday (chapter) and Thursday (podcast) automatically. So from my perspective, as far as serializing the story goes, I'm done.

Now I need to move on to my next set projects for this thing, which include:

- selling Pay Me, Bug! in epub and mobi on various sites (Kindle, Nook, iTunes, etc.)

- create a POD version on Lulu in the off-chance anyone demands a paper copy (ha! But it will still be cool to do)

- look into putting it in audiobook format

But that's sidebar stuff. The important thing is to figure out what I'm going to do next on my site. I have two projects in mind, one a Charles Williams-inspired modern fantasy, one a dark fantasy-ish mystery. Both are considerably different from PMB! (neither are even remotely close to Space Opera) so I have no clue if they'll retain the small audience I built up so far. And neither was at the level of "it's finished" PMB! was (which was completely written but needed a final edit). The modern fantasy is partially written (but I know how it ends). The dark fantasy-ish mystery is a complete first draft but needs rewriting. This means my next project would probably be a little more on the fly than PMB! was and that's a little, um, intimidating. I suppose I could take the two months I have before PMB! ends and finish one or the other, then post that when PMB! ends, but one of the things I wanted to see with unexploredhorizons.net was how well it could handle multiple overlapping projects and it'd be a shame to waste that opportunity.

On the other hand doing that would take a lot of free time which I haven't had of late.

... but anyway! That's neither here nor there. The important part is that I finished something, even though nobody will be able to tell till late October. It feels pre-awesome. ;-)

Congrats! That must feel pretty good! :)

I'm in the same phase as you wrt prepping stuff for ePub, but that's way less fun than planning what you're going to do next. Worldbuilding is my favourite.

congrats! I hate you! lol. Do you have enough written that you can do polishing and publishing of the beginning while still working on the end? that might give you some buffer. Also, post shorter chapters perhaps?

I do have some stuff already written. As for shorter chapters... that doesn't seem to be in the cards for me. The last time I tried to deliberately write a short chapter it came in at about 1600 words...

I do have a few short chapters in Pay Me, Bug! but they are very few and far between...

... so last night I looked at the first chapter of my new project. It is in excess of 3,000 words... so... yeah. Shorter chapters aren't happening. Sigh.

You can always cut the chapters in half for posting purposes.

I had the same problem at first ubersoft. I could not keep my chapters at a reasonable length that people were still willing to read. As Alex said, cutting chapters in half works out really well. I've found that when I do that I average roughly 1000 words per chapter.

And personally...I'm voting for the modern fantasy one!

Yikes! Mine tend to come out at nearly ten thousand words. I guess I can't ever switch over to a 'update when chapter is actually done' model.

10K?!? Well, I don't feel as bad. :-)