WeSeWriMo 2010

As of the title, I would want to know when I can register for that. Is it July, which is one month before like NanoWriMo?

It looks like the cutoff date is July 31st. I never knew there were so many NaNoWriMo-ish groups out there, it's really neat. While I'm tempted to give this one a try, after my experiences last November I think I'll stick to just one a year. Less stressful that way. =P

Too bad everyone knows better.

I just saw an announcement of this on a "New Media" forum where several writers have helped me develop my web serial, and find it an interesting opportunity. Unlike the NatWritMo, which I have no desire to join, this one doesn't demand any particular output.

New writers, especially, could just commit to a publication schedule for their series. Epi Guide, who runs the WeSeWriMo, has a directory for web fiction. I saw several titles I see on this guide, but was surprised there were so few. It's by no means as sophisticated as this, and much is geared to filmed shows, apparently. But it seems like a good opportunity.

The link I mentioned has all the information, including how to register, which is surprisingly hard to track down on the Epi site.


I think WeSeWriMo is worth joining. It runs for the month of August, so subscribe by the end of this month! You can find all the info at http://www.wesewrimo.org/

The nice thing is you can set your own goals (of course, try to make them worthwhile e.g. 150% of your normal output). I am taking part this year for the first time. :-)

I think right now about 45 other people are joining in? Some are posting their serials live as they write, others (like me) are just trying to build up a buffer for posting later this year.

Just registered, will double my updates each week, I hope anyway... writing is hard with a baby!

Hah, against all logic and common sense I joined as well, and will bump up my updates to two a week.

Woo! If you're on twitter you can also join in on the chat using the #wesewrimo hashtag. There was an interesting interview about it all just yesterday, I think? *runs off to check*

Yep - http://tpdonline.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/chat-with-epiguide-about-wesewrimo/

What I've been doing to prepare for it all is to outline the next six updates I want to write, that way I can focus on just writing and not worry about needing to plot etc.

I registered. Went with a somewhat reasonable goal - one update a week. Hey, I used to update Valley twice a week!

Of course, 10 is full text. And an attempt at srs bsns writing. Still, I can do it. If I stop reading blogs and writing blog entries and forum posts and worrying about emailing people and replying to LJ comments.

Registered, and given myself to give Cold Ghost a good buffer so I can get back on track after my hiatus.