WFG Development Log

Hi! Since it’s been a bit since the last update, just wanted to ask about the status of the new site development. How’s everything going? (And thank you so, so much for all the time and effort you’re putting into this, rocode).

Today is actually the first day I have been able to get back to it fully. I did not expect the COVID-19 restrictions to go away as completely as they did, and ended up being slammed the last two or three weeks, between work and family obligations. Thankfully that is slowing down, and I am getting back to it.

I am focusing on a permissions/rules issue right now (making sure only the author can edit their own stuff), but as soon as I get that fixed it will be data presentation and search/filtering.

I am still excited about this project, and pushing forward. Hopefully you all will see some new commits soon enough, and even more importantly a development subdomain so I can get direct feedback.


Hi! Since it’s been another few weeks, just checking in on progress again. How’s everything going with the development? Apologies if I’m pestering.

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