WFG Needs More Staff

It's well known that the waiting times on new submissions are ridiculous. People have complained that emails take very long to get responses, if they get responses at all. And now, outright spam threads have sat uncontested on the top of the forums for days now.

This is all a very bad look, and I think WFG needs new, active staff members if any of this is to be addressed.

dayum shots fired but where's the lie tho

Wholeheartedly agree with this. I appreciate the work the current staff does with what it has but there needs to be a larger staff, especially as the web fiction community continues to grow in size and scope. I'm sure any number of us would gladly volunteer as well.

Agreed. More active staff and editors. I've sent four emails to WFG across each of the addresses and heard nothing, and that was months ago.

Yes, the web fiction discord rises

I also agree, and not just because I don't want to feel left out or anything.


Running a site like this must be a beast, and we appreciate the work that's been done so far, but the lag is a problem. Maybe a recruitment thread, with some of current staff able to screen applicants? I know you probably can't just take whoever, but then again, I don't know how many people are jumping at the bit for such a job.

This is also a problem with r/webfiction; there, there seems to be no active staff at all, so the entire forum has turned into just people plugging their stories (AKA most of us reading this topic). WFG is a much more important thing to improve though; a good 85% of my referrals come from here or Top Web Fiction, and I assume that's the same for most web fiction authors as well.

The other important aspect is that WFG is just about the only place where you can find web fiction of a more Western genre bent. Admittedly, eroded some since they started accepting RRL fictions, but still important.

You are right, I haven't been around much, and given all the demands on my time, I can't promise that will improve. :(

I am employing someone who is keeping the submissions queue at around 1 month long (which was my request to her). I am willing to trim it a bit, but, realistically, large amounts of the submissions we get are abandoned within a month, so that much lag is intentional.


I think it would be relatively easy on the forum side of things to give someone the ability to delete spam threads.

The queue time is perfectly fine, for the reasons already stated; shortening the queue time would just mean more quickly-abandoned stories clutter up the website listings.

For me, added WFG staff would be good for more main site-related functions. Editorial reviews of newer stories or ones that haven't gotten a lot of love; interviews (apparently those used to happen:; news posts for "important" stories (which ALSO used to be done; checking to update the listings for stories that have been cancelled, or whose website has disappeared, etc. That sort of thing, mostly just maintenance.

A lot of this sort of stuff seems to have disappeared around 2009, but now that web fiction as a medium is a lot bigger than it was a decade ago, I think it would be really beneficial to kickstart some of that again.

Alternatively, an easier way to notify the admin staff of stories no longer being online or, in the case of the Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, just not being linked to despite being online.

But it would be nice if someone could to the bottom of whatever bug forum threads occasionally run into where being logged in prevents you from seeing any posts in them and also prevents you from replying.

unice5656, you are now a moderator. Be careful what you wish for, and please use your new powers wisely. :)

Okay, and I'm accepting nominations for more new editors of the main site. If you are interested, email the feedback address and tell me why you want to be a WFG editor. Include your WFG user name, please. I'll pick some arbitrary number from whoever applies.

Gaaaaaah unexpected responsibilities...