WFG on Facebook?

We should create a facebook fan page. I am dying to add some of you on facebook so that I can talk to you, you all have so many ideas and I am just a hack with a keyboard. i have no idea how to work the internet for promotions. My novel drops in 6 months, and if I don't get some promotion out there, it is literally food off of my plate.

I'd friend y'all on FB! I mean... if you don't mind getting flooded with pictures of my kids and reblogs of my tweets. :P

CA - w.r.t to your future promotion, do you have an existing fanpage for Watchmage? A lot of serials have them ... mostly to post updates or interact with those who use FB as their preferred social network.

I much prefer watching individual fanpages. When I think of a WFG general fanpage, I cringe at the idea of being spammed with update links from every well-meaning serializer in existence. If fact, I would sign up and block every feed from there (or just not sign up).

I have been meaning to set up an author page on facebook, but i keep backburnering it. Tomorrow. i will do it tomorrow. ;)

I have a fanpage for myself ( but that is very much a general hub for other blogging I do as well as fiction and the Hobson & Choi serial. Is it worth having a separate one for H&C as well, even though I only update once a week?

Hm Nick - I can only speak for myself. I don't always buy into authors as brands, particularly when what they post through a mechanism is inconsistent in content.

So - if I only like a person's story and hate all their art or their jokes or links, I might still watch their general announcement page until the point that "everything extraneous to what I like" starts to annoy me.

My current fanpage for my serial ( is quiet. Like you, I had mostly once a week posting. It housed announcemens as to updates and served as a place to tie my FB likes from my website to. While the referrals aren't stupendous, I see that FB sometimes is a good way of alerting your readers. For a while Twitter stopped posting to FB and I saw some numbers drop in terms of reads. When I realized my error and posted manually again, I saw referrals pick back up.

My artist dumping page ( is followed mostly by friends and family. I also use it as a public face for me as I keep my personal, individual FB account private.

As for facebook drawing in new readers... not really sure people can prove it does. I think the common held belief now is that FB is stlil mostly for closed networks and that twitter is much better with discovery.

For me as a reader, random FB likes from friends may highlight something for me, but I don't see the likes influencing me to purchase anything. At most, I'll click to look at something if someone reliable raves about it, but that might be the extent of the action based on that like. I much prefer relying on other data or previews to look at a book.

For the purposes of promotion, which is part of casander's initial comment -- I value book blogs and recommendations from certain friends with comparable tastes for book purchases.

Don't forget Farcebook's wonderful habit of only posting your updates to (on average) 16% of your fans! The logic behind it (that people 'like' hundreds of things, and a 100% stream of updates would make the site unusable) goes some way to demonstrating just why it's a pretty rubbish marketing tool in the first place.

Also, years of observing people's habits suggest they don't much care for things outside their own comfort zones, so expecting something to become a viral hit without the use of kittens is foolhardy. People are more likely to share banal memes or blatant bigotry than Genuinely Interesting Things (unless a Celebrity Figure has urged them to, in which case bandwagon ahoy!). Either that, or my social circles are awful (for sanity's sake, I prefer to think of it this way).

If the people they DO show it to like and comment on it, they show it to more. (which is why the big brands ask people to like, comment on, and share their stuff, it naturally increases its range in a BIG way)

I also dislike author as brand pages, but I will follow the shit out of book and serial specific pages.

Okay, since the general consensus does seem to be that author brand pages are sometimes a bit too general, I have launched a Hobson & Choi Facebook page. It won't take me that long to maintain, and if some people like it that way, fair enough.

Thanks for thoughts. Interested to see if this works.

Nick: Added. Do you know how many pages someone can have? I might make an author page and then one for each of my books. Also one for this excellent sammich that I just ate.

Ta very much. And I have... six pages (including various TV sites I write for), so if there is a limit, imagine it's set fairly high.

I have created 2 dozen, and administrate a dozen more.

Facebook is down right now, or I would've liked all of your pages. If you want to friend my personal page (I'm hilarious) my username is CraigASanders. I would turn it into a link, but I don't know how (can someone show me?)

I only have one FB page, and it's dedicated to my writing stuff. I don't post more than once a day (and often it's not even that much), and only when I have something of interest up on my writing blog or serial. Here, if you're interested:

Now I'll go away and like all these lovely pages. :D

ok, everyone added. I love facebook chat, so if you ever see me on, feel free to say hi. Writing is a lonely business, and honestly, I am kinda lonely since Valerie died.

I just added my own fan page so add away.

And liked!

I look forward to checking out all the new pages. I do have a page for my serial, which is mostly news updates on the story. If anyone would like to check it out, it's here:


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