WFG traffic stats compilation thread

Right, I've been meaning to do this for a while now, so here it is! A thread for everyone to post and compare their stats for traffic we're getting off the WFG, and from any other websites/projects/advertisements you care to name.

At the moment I'm getting in between 20-30 hits a month from my WFG listing and several more from the forums. Also around 20 from, but they don't seem to stick around much.

How's everyone else doing out of it?



This could be very helpful to people who run their own sites. Thank you for the idea, @Winter. I'll provide my info.

Here you go:

Rank Site Total visits

3. / referral 121

6. / referral 73

7. / referral 44

8. referral 38

15. / referral 12

I joined WFG sometime in October. As a reference, only added me a few weeks ago, and I just joined a couple of weeks ago.

This is according to Google analytics. Not looking for a fight on the numbers. By far my biggest referrer is google and yahoo. Twitter is pretty high as well. I have averaged abot 160-200 visits a day over the last 30 days with a high of 340 visits.

How do you get that many from I've had a thread there for months but I get virtually no traffic from it. Is there some secret handshake I've missed? Some rain dance I'm not doing? What?



aaaah grasshopper! Good question. The answer, my little weather related friend, is in the wind.

Which is to say, I have no fucking clue. Just listed there and I got visits almost right away.

I'm curious to know how you guys get your stat info. I only have a little sitemeter free account, and it stores only the info for the last 100 visits, and it doesn't compile the data for me. I'd have to sit and count to figure out real stats. Project Wonderful is actually nicer about that than sitemeter. They at least tell me totals from incoming links, but they only show the info for a week.

Google Analytics tells me that WFG has gotten me 28 page views. However, they're quality views.

Over 7 pages viewed on average, with an on-site time of 12:19.

However, it's 7th in my overall sources of visits.

I've gotten 47 in the .. 5ish weeks I've been listed.

Not bad, sadly my biggest referral (after Google and Blogger, which are sort of givens) is Facebook. Haha.

It's not Web Fiction, but Muse's Success has received 68 hits from WFG according to Google Analytics since it was first linked on the Community Links page which is nice. It may be more, I don't think I had the Analytics code on 100% of the time.

@sahunter: I use Google Analytics. It's really easy to install a Wordpress plugin that puts the code in all pages (assuming you're using Wordpress) or to do it manually (though doing it manually is tedious).

I put google analytics on my sites. It was really easy. Thanks for the rec.

I have a free sitemeter so I have no indepth figures.

At the moment, I am receiving more referrals from Pages Unbound than WFG

Mildaysa: give analytics a try. I use Reinvigorate myself, but I've got Analytics to provide backup statistics when I need 'em for Novelr.

PS: PU gives you more hits? That's strange hrmm ...

WFG is #15 on my referrals list (with 33 visits), and the forums are #30 (with 7 visits). They don't stick around if they come from the forums but they do (~16 min average) if they come from the site itself.

My top 5 are... - 287 hits (Don't ask me how I ended up being listed there. I couldn't tell you. :P

Pages Unbound - 112 hits

StumbleUpon - 52 hits - 39 hits (Once again... no idea how I ended up there.)

WFG - 23 hits (It's to be expected. With the expansion the site's received in terms of content, the userbase has some catching up to do.)

I have, of course, omitted a few from the list. Sites where I pay for advertising, Google, etc. Mind you, I've taken a breather for the past month, so my hits are down as a result. *shrug*


Not too strange, actually. I'm just about even between PU and Web Fiction Guide much of the time. PU isn't very active, but it still gets linked on every single one of AE's sites, giving it a link to AE's readership which no other site gets to the same degree.

While we do have a decent base of visitors, we don't have anywhere near as many as she does for Tales of MU. Of course, to judge from PU's Project Wonderful information we do have more visitors than PU itself does. I wouldn't be surprised if PU gets more completely new visitors, but you never know. She doesn't promote PU much anymore.

It's also worth noting that some percentage of my readers seem to use WFG and PU as bookmarks to find my site, skewing the stats to some degree. One can't assume that all visitors from either site are new readers.

My stats:

1. 174

2. 132

3. 33

4. 26

5. 10

Hi all,

I thought I'd add WFG's stats to this discussion, for the sake of balance. ;-)

In the last two weeks, nearly 2/3 of our traffic came in direct or via search engines on our name and aggregation services (ie. people who already knew about us).

In terms of listed sites, the top referrers are Eli's site (, my site (, (Queen of Seven, Alisiyad, Dreamers), (Catharsis and Children of the Apocalypse), (Mill Avenue Vexations), and (Eikasia). We seldom get more than one click per day from any other listed website, and (something I found very surprising, as we aren't presently advertising there) we get more referrals from than any one of the vast majority of our listed websites.

At this point, we aren't advertising -- the money has already been spent. We depend on you guys for both readers and our page rank in Google. Part of the reason we don't have more traffic for you guys is we are four pages into Google's search results for "online novels", which is the high value search term providing some of you with traffic from and (at least one of which charges a monthly fee for listings). We've already done just about everything we can to improve that page rank (we've moved up 4 pages due to those changes). What we need now is for more people to link to us with the words "online novels" in the link label. Failing that, we'll have to start advertising again, and 300 000 impressions last time only increased our readership by about 50 readers a week, so that's not an option we can really make work.


I don't really have very good stats to share, because I just installed Analytics today. But according to Project Wonderful:

Past week:






















I haven't been updating or advertising my site in several months, so generally hits are low. onlinenovels, freeonlinenovels, and webfictionguide seem to be more or less in the same range currently, though. Still, it would appear that "online novels" is the more popular term for the medium than "web fiction" ergo I, as the one who helped Chris come up with the name for the site, feel a little foolish. Oh well, c'est la vie.

EJ: - 287 hits (Don't ask me how I ended up being listed there. I couldn't tell you. :P

Yeah, you and me both. I noticed it in my PW stats one day and went "buh?" I guess it's nice to be picked out, rather than submitting my work, so no complaints really. The site does seems a little bare-bones though. Perhaps some readers prefer that method. I'm a fan of pretty bells and whistles like screenshots and synopsis and reviews, personally.

I did submit to be listed on and Jennifer Armstrong, the author of the site, was very nice to list my stuff and seems very nice in general. I know I get a good number of hits from her site. I'm glad others benefit from her site as well. The one requirement that I know of to be listed is the work has to be finished.


For what it's worth, my last search for "online novels" put us on page three of Google instead of four.

Not that it's that much better, but we may be moving up...