What a month(s)!

I finally got Issue 11 of Curveball out the door. It was brutal.

May was a wash because I was trying to move. I'd actually planned for that, but my plans were insufficient and crumbled to dust as soon as they impacted with reality. I was looking forward to settling back down to writing regularly as soon as I got down here (Alabama -- finally made it).

AND THEN I LOST MY JOB! Well, sort of. Victims of the sequester, me and a bunch of other contractors found ourselves on a sort of furlough ("we plan to bring you back in a little while, but don't let that stop you from finding another job!") I'm making progress there but COME ON YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME I JUST GOT HERE.

On top of that I'm just not very comfortable. My mother-in-law is letting me use her sewing room as an office, which is extremely cool of her (she's a great lady) but it just doesn't feel right. The desk in there is the wrong size, there's no place for me to set up my standing desk, so I can't use that instead, I'm always knocking up against things when I move around... it's just hard to focus. It was fine for my day job (which required a different kind of concentration) but it very distracting when I write.

I've tried moving somewhere else. Really the only other practical option for writing at any length is our bedroom, but when I sit on the bed to write I wind up falling asleep instead. :)

Anyway, don't mind me! I just wanted to gripe a little. The good news is that Issue 11 is out. The bad news is I'm a month behind, and Issue 12 is going to be A Thing. Oh, and I'm not sure how I'm going to make any money in the forseeable future. Minor details...

I'm with you, there. The day job I acquired to pay for Daughter's school just went from 'sure thing for the foreseeable future' to 'we're dismantling the division, you may get reassigned, and we 'intend' not to lay anyone off, but we are looking for synergies and ways to consolidate.'


I guess I need to write a little faster. :,

Ugh. It's a bad Dilbert joke, but I've never been in a situation where someone used the phrase "synergies" and it turned out well.

Sorry to hear about the current string of events...

Mm. I look for synergies all the time. Most recently, I found it by combining a banana nut muffin and fresh strawberries.

Also, that sucks balls. Your desire to gripe is well understood.

Honestly, I'd be surprised if this wasn't a foot-shooting situation. I'm in better shape right now than you are, though.

I heartily approve of muffin/fruit synergies, though. >.<

my month sucked as well, but yours sucks more. (As I said to a cowoker who said "this week was a kick in the balls", after dealing with flu, lice, and his mother's house burning down, almost killing his mom, brother, and daughter, Yeah.... i was going to say mine was too, but my week was a paper cut compared to your kick in the nuts)