What are the rules on having a second account?

Hi, everyone! How are you? I have a question I want to ask and I hope you guys have the answer.

As the topic title says, what are the rules on having a second account on WFG and listing new and different serials under them? Like, let's say I'm planning on writing a serial and I wanna share it with my friends and family, but I also want to write something containing erotic material in the future (in the same vein as Tales of MU or An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom: stories that have erotic content, but *aren't* just erotica). Now, I wouldn't want to share the erotic stories with friends and family, but I would also like to list the stories with erotic content on WFG to promote them, but not under my current username in fear of said friends and family finding them.

Would it be okay to make a second account or is against the rules?

I don't think we have a specific policy on that, but I've always assumed that you only get one account--if only because of the potential for abuse. Having two accounts would essentially give you the ability to review or rate any story in WFG twice.

Chris, feel free to correct me on this...

(different Chris)

I can see the reason for not allowing it, BUT writers having multiple nom de plumes (for pretty much exactly the reason stated above) is an actual thing. It'd be nice if there was a way to accommodate it.

I'm pretty sure it's okay as long as you don't abuse the second account... for instance, if you wrote positive reviews for your other account, that wouldn't be cool. But as long as it's basically just another pen name... why not? :)

I usually delete second accounts if I notice them. I ban the person entirely if they have been using them to review their own work. However, given the above scenario, it sounds like a reasonable approach. So, I'm okay with it, until you give me a reason not to be. :)

Thanks for the response, guys!

If people don't say "my other account is..." how would anyone know? Also, a second account for erotica... I thought I saw in the rules erotica isn't allowed here?

Sorry, just curious.

I want another account because some of what I write is completely dissimilar.