What's Going on with Fanfiction.net

I know there is a few people who write fanfiction here on Web Fiction Guide and are possibly still on Fanfiction.net. I am asking those fellow writers(or even readers) who might be still using the site or know people who do. Do they know what's going on with the site? There has been no update to the site's new feed since April and the update blog has been down for a month due to the domain expiring. I also found out I am not the only one who noticed it and there are several writers and readers doing back-ups of their stories just in case. However, the last few days the lack of maintenance has become really clear as the email notification system has gone bonkers on me. This has gotten on my last nerve trying to figure it out and hence really pushing me to possibly move to Wattpad. However, I still want to know if anyone has more information as I would like to pass it on to others looking into it. Right now, there is just a reddit post up about it which is in the link below:


Fanfiction.net and by extension Fictionpress have been really erratic in the past (or at least around 2004ish when I was using them regularly) about updating and remaining in contact, and have sometimes been furtive with letting people know how the site's doing and what is in the pipeline for it, though this does sound a bit more ominous than usual.

Honestly, I think that site is just collecting passive ad-revenue now or something. It's been kind of on a downward spiral for a while with many people going to ARchive of Our Own or a few other fanfic sites. (I think there's been a bunch of speculation along these lines posted at fail fandom anon and other fannish places.)

I do recommend you save what you want. There were (in that same reddit group) a few tools a while ago to help download a story and epub it. I've done that at least once to make sure I have the story in case I want to repost it up at AO3.

Thanks, Dennis N. Santana and Sgl. I am used to them being a bit erratic, but this time it is a bit more worrying at the fact the blog has been down a month and the lack of maintenance is showing with it glitching out before the server fixing it temporary(like with the email notification). It was the email notifications that clued me in that this was not FFNet being old and something serious was going on.

My friend/beta-reader I keep constant contact with recommended one such tool while I was backing up all my stories that would have saved me a bit of time. I will be, however, using it to nab my favorite stories from other authors and I given permission to my fans to use such tools on my stories as in the notice I am posting today. If I do move, I am not posting my abandoned stories elsewhere(though I have them backed up). I will be only posting new stories wherever I move to, even going ahead of schedule with the current fanfiction rewrite to fix up the beginning chapters and get the dialogue fixed to where it is easier to read once posted. I know many fans love rereading my abandoned stories, but I don't want to be a troll to readers who never seen them. Especially since I am planning to try and revive their concepts into new fanfiction stories once I get back to the research I was doing on them.

Though, I might just outright move now to Wattpad if it has been in a downward spiral for some time. Great year to come off a writing hiatus, right?

I hadn't heard about any problems with FF.net. It's always been a kind of weird site, though. I haven't really used it much, I peaked in maybe 2011 or so. Good idea to back up the stories over there - for some reason it honestly it never occurred to me that FF.net might shut down, and I have a lot of stories posted there that I actually still like and would want to save.

Just putting this out there: FF.net is still going. There have been updates since the New Year. All's well.