What's up with these "Editor Notes"?

Hey, I keep noticing that more and more listings have "editor notes" that give star scores yet aren't full reviews. They're just one or two vague sentences about first impressions. I don't want to use the term 'half-assed' about a review but... well I did.

Can anyone explain this trend to me? I'm not really sure if I like these small editorial notes. They don't contribute any insight on whether a story is actually good or not, and seem a bit lazy.

Hi Frances,

The editorial ratings determine the baseline ranking for a listing. They also determine whether things get to the "recently vetted" list and whether or not the listing hits the home page as a featured listing or for recent updates.

We look at every listing when we post it, and try to make a call on approximately where it belongs. However, considering the volume of new submissions (we get about a dozen a week) and the wide range in quality -- and considering we are all volunteers, here -- we can't possibly read all of every listing. In fact, we often can only read the first page or so. So, the editor notes are there to provide some sense of the rational behind the initial rating.


All right, thanks!