When Something Takes On a Life of its own (twitter chat post)

It's a little weird when you start something, and then later you see it functioning, and others using it, without your input.

It was our first serial book club on Sunday and it seems to have went really well, despite my absence - I have a temporary shadowban from Twitter.

(This is my second ban this year. They're lax about enforcing rules, so I bend the rules more and more, then they break and I get temporary bans for 48 hours.)

Anyway, it looked like the book club was a lot of fun, and I promise not to be banned for next months.

That typo.


I have a tendency to not proofread titles. It's a bad habit.

Fixed typo (because I have the power to do that).

If you feel that your freedom to make typos has been infringed, I can change it back.

Lol, I was reading this like, "Where's the typo?" Glad I'm not losing my spelling ability in my old age.

Jim the hero ^_^

Thanks Jim.

See, I thought it was the lack of apostrophe on "next months"

No, I took that apostrophe from "next months" and added it to "Life of it's own."

This is why I don't talk to writers, everyone's a critic :P

Aww now I feel the devious urge to comment "that typo" on a correct post :P