Where do you write?

Do you write at a desk? In an easy chair? at the local Starbucks?

I like to sit in my easy chair with my laptop on my lap. I keep the yankee game on in the background, just in case something happens. To my right is a cup o' tea and my turtle's tank.

I write in my basement at the same desk I use while programming.

Usually I'm listening to music (ranges from Jazz to 80's/90's alt. rock to indie rock). Sometimes I'm drinking something--pop, water, tea, coffee, and sometimes wine or beer. If alcohol's involved, I don't drink much though.

I have two places I write. At my desktop in my bedroom, and more recently, I've taken to writing while reclining on a couch, with my laptop on my lap and my dog lying at my feet. That aside, I write pretty much everywhere I go - on the bus, while waiting for an appointment. (In which case I write in a notebook).

Music depends on the scene, but I like Suicidesheep's playlist on youtube. I generally have a cup of tea beside me - if it gets cold/empty, I get up and stretch a bit, let the dog out, prepare a fresh cup and then settle back down.

Pretty much everywhere. I use a combo of desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, to do writing where I feel comfortable. Sometimes that means I am lying down and finger typing with horrid typos and sometimes I'm sitting in a chair for hours.

I used to write out in cafes and such and might if I'm getting too distracted at home, but I try not to do that anymore since a lot of places generally throttle internet.

Sometimes I have music, sometimes not.

I also find I write better early morning or late at night. The early morning is good because I"ve slept on some things and sorted them out. Late at night probably is about the quiet and delirium that sets in after a full day at work. I like writing sometimes when my mind is either most clear or the least likely to analyze.

lol at casanders' turtle tank! Somehow I find that adorable. :)

Like SgL and Wildbow, I write wherever. When I was a comic artist I trained myself to draw regardless of location and situation, and I take that practice with me as a writer especially since sometimes I can only write when my kids are asleep. I've written chapters of Rema on the diaper changing table on my ipad while my baby's napping in my baby carrier, for example. Of course, this might contribute to my writing's lack of quality at times.... :P

Just recently I wrote the outline for the new ending of Rema while nursing my daughter in the pitch dark on my iPhone. Is this TMI? Whatever. >_< Anything to get the job done!

I found a cafe near my house with no wifi, cheap drinks and regular empty tables, so I've been going there a lot. The work has been flying out - only slight problem is the mounting cost of drinks because of how often I go there.

Can't seem to do proper fiction writing at home, which is definitely a bit of an arseache.

It's bad of me, but I seem to find it easiest at work... When there is an off-time and nothing needs doing. I'd need a big buffer for when things get busy though.

My home laptop doesn't work if it's not plugged in, I'd love to take it and write outside the house - I haven't tried it on the smartphone yet. I think typing on the touch screen would annoy me...

I write either on the couch in my living room, or in the band room at my school. Either way, I always have a huge energy drink (I'm a caffeine junky, don't judge me), along with some other program running in the background of my laptop.

Alex the fact that you write in your band room at school is sooooo awesome! :)

I'm not one to judge, Alex, but be careful of what you drink. Looking back, I regret that I had as much soda as I did in my late teens & early twenties. I've since stopped, but I'm still paying for it with the dentist's bills.

Tea is nicer, I find, and better for you.

I like tea, too, but it doesn't have enough caffeine. I was serious when I said that I'm a caffeine junky; I go through withdrawals.

Either on my bed or on the couch. I prefer the latter, I get more work done. I usually have a cup of coffee (well two thirds coffee, one third milk) while I write. Sometimes I switch off my wi-fi if I'm being bad about concentrating. I enjoy writing in coffee shops (love Starbucks for that) but since I live in the country there's no really one nearby ;-)

I write primarily on my commute to work - netbook + 1 hour train ride = awesome writing time for me. I put my headphones on, zone out, and write like crazy.

For a year or so, I was living only 20 minutes from the city, and developed a curious discipline of getting down to writing as soon as I sat down on the train. It was the only way to get anything productive done in 20 minutes. I much prefer my hour-long commute (and was quite happy to keep it the last time we moved house, for this reason!).

At home, I really struggle to focus if I'm in the lounge (or near a TV/my desktop PC that I use for gaming). I find that curling up on my bed with the netbook is the best way to get anything done at home.

I love the netbook for writing because it fits into my handbag, and the screen is too small to do anything more exciting than text, so I don't go wandering the internets too much. ;)

I have a pet coffee bar / restaurant that I use during NaNoWriMo for write-ins (which we now do once a month all through the year), and I love how productive I am there. However, it's a 45-minute drive from my house, so I think I need to cultivate a pet coffee shop closer to home that will let me plug the netbook in for a few hours. Perhaps I should go test a few local places out, hmmm.

either at my desk at home or work, or i do a lot of outlining and some full on writing in notebooks on the bus or on the go. Comic scripts, I'll write, storys I generally outline, because my handwriting is enh, and transcribing sucks.

I can plan and edit and sometimes write a bit in public. Trains and cafes are useful for that because they force you to sit still and tune out distractions rather than giving in when you get stuck and pacing around the house until you start doing the washing up. But for the bit where I actually think out dialogue and wording and get excited and talk to myself a lot, I need privacy. I'm with Virginia Woolf on the "room of one's own".

I'm with you, purplepooka. I need quiet, private space to actually write. I usually write where I am right now, sitting cross-legged on the blue sofa in the upstairs room we call the library with my laptop on my lap. Quite often one of our cats, Chili or Luna, will curl up purring either next to me, behind my head or squeezed in between the keyboard and my tummy. (Adorable picture of Chili trying to get my attention is on my front page at www.michaellitzky.com). Sometimes I go out into nature, taking along a folding portable wireless keyboard to use with my smartphone.

The one problem, always, with writing on the computer is it's SO EASY to get distracted. Especially when I'm stuck on a story. Oh, I'll just watch one YouTube video...

I've become really reliant on the internet during the writing process - I'm constantly fact-checking and researching small details as I go, and it can become a real distraction. Alright, I can use it as a distraction when I'm procrastinating.

Also, my two cats don't really get Virginia Woolf's point, and my partner needs the odd reminder, too. Basically, there is no space free of distractions unless you can discipline yourself to create it in your head whenever needed. I have ADHD, and find that discipline a challenge...