Where else to get reviews?

I thought it was a stroke of luck when I found this site, since I've been having trouble getting reviews since I stopped self-publishing books and started doing nothing but web serials. Not many sites are willing to review those for some reason, you know? Still, I'm always trying to get my stories more exposure. Does anybody know any other websites that give good reviews on web serials?

Just a thought, buh Tumblr? I'm not too familiar with the site, but I'd imagine there are some people running review blogs for - pfft, casual fan fiction, so I could see there being a group of others willing to discuss serials. It's worth reaching out.

I just got lucky I think. The genre I'm currently writing in, litRPG has a very very dedicated following and I get lots of love from readers and folks with their own podcasts/websites.

I did a quick search in Tumblr for Web Serials. I got this. Hope it helps.

EDIT: Actually, searching for the term "web serial" gets more hits. But there, it's mostly people posting their stuff. I saw a lot of Solstice War stuff for instance. And some Darren's Guitar Chronicles.

There was a YouTuber who reviewed Worm. I forget her name, but maybe she'd do something similar for one of us?


This is a nice thread on reddit that reviews writing. Not sure if they'll review very long stories but you could give it a shot.