Where I got my inspiration

The very beginning of my serial features a superhero being murdered. She's the indestructible, overpowered Superman type and really popular. And she gets her throat slit open.

I recently watched the first few episodes of the second season of the TV show Powers and realised that the beginning of my serial is from Who Killed Retro Girl, which I read years ago and then forgot all about (except in my subconscious, apparently).

It's not a huge problem, because everything after the murder is completely different. I just thought it was really interesting how something I read years ago, and then forgot all about, was such a big inspiration to me.

It's weird how long it took me to realize how much my old superhero universe owed to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon than it did actual superhero comics.

I actually never noticed how many similarities my planned story shares with Jumper, the first superhero book I read. Huh.

I think the original inspiration for my web serial came from thinking "huh, the DCU really lucked out that it was a saint that got infinite powers." Then I noticed that there were AU's where arch-villains got the winning hand (Superman's Reign, Red Sun to some extent, that vein of stuff), and Hitch kind of ran down the idea of what if the main guy was just kind of a jerk.

I basically wondered what would happen if the lucky person who was the trump card of the universe was a Joe Chill kind of guy. A petty criminal, selfish and tyrannical. Not Dr. Doom or Red Skull, but the guy that shot Uncle Ben. Well, things would suck, and the good guys would need to be collaborators trying to bring down the evil empire from the inside.

Was Powers the only show that started out like that? I have vague memories of a series where the first episode is an indestructible guy being killed by taping him to a chair and putting plastic bags over his head. (He was indestructible, but still needed air. He wasn't super strong or anything either.) It is a really cool hook, anyway.