Which web serial do you think would make the best TV show and why?

Hey guys/gals, I was wondering about this question recently, and I thought it would be interesting enough to post on this esteemed forum. So, to restate the question redundantly, which web serial do you think would make the best TV show and why?

(Personally I think A Grey World would make an excellent TV show. It has a great depressing atmosphere which would be excellent in a TV show and the fights would be much improved and visceral, and the localized ,small scale and easy to follow story would make it easier to keep track of what's happening in each episode, without having to resort to re watching large amounts of previous episodes.)

Mine, because I write it like a TV show and 'cause there's all these six month breaks peppered in apparently whenever I feel like.

Besides that, I'm still totally in love with Twisted Cogs. I'm not sure if it lends itself to a standard TV format, but I'd like to think everything's written vividly enough that it would translate neatly to a screen. The visual effects might get a bit pricey, but they would look exceptional - just a nice blend of real country life or even Downton Abbey life mixed with clear fantasy a director can always rein in until it affects the plot. The abilities for a lot of characters would also be pretty cost-effective to film. And it's also got its own 'seasonal' format to play around with.

Kinda Super Gay would make a good mini-series. It's quick to cut to the action, has a very focused plot, an early and solid grip on its characters, and I'm sure you could slap Billy Higgins a few piddly thousand bucks to write more for it.

I would totally watch Worm if TV could budget the special effects for Endbringers and capes. It is too long a story, in my mind, to do movies - text serials work best as television serials, especially considering Worm covers months and years of multiple characters' lives. I would watch even a great cartoon version, if necessary.

I think Legion of Nothing would be another good TV fit, again as a long running serial. It is a bit less grim than Worm, more optimistic, so they contrast nicely.

Novels adapt to movies better than serials, they're more self-contained stories.

Before I stopped reading Tales of MU it would have been an interesting show - Adult oriented college romp that happens to feature magic. Sounds like a good pitch - one season per school year, a three or four year show, unless you shift to minor characters when the protagonist graduates.

Pact might make a good horror genre show. I love Twig but I don't think it would make it as a series - Sylvester's internal brilliance would be hard to show, and twelve year olds being more violent than adults probably wouldn't get sold.

I was thinking of Legion of Nothing myself, GSW.

I'll be cheeky and say Anathema, but the special effects would be way too costly and no one would pick it up for that reason.

But the launch trailer would be pure eye candy. Each of the 3 POV characters comes with an 'intro' scene that would visualize quite nicely. Superheroes are 'in' right now, and the Game of Thrones type of narrative style (including but not limited to multiple POVs and many dead characters) is popular with viewers.

The three character intro scenes...

-The 'stop a car by body blocking it' scene from Twilight, except with an Asian chick stepping in front of a guy. Slow motion effects, flying car bits, and forcefields included.

-Seemingly suicidal man steps off his balcony and drops some sixty stories before stopping in midair and spreading four meter long wings of pure luminescence, lighting up everything around him.

-Hot girl warps reality around her while dancing hip hop on stage.

I think Antlers would work well as a miniseries, released one "chapter" at a time, where each chapter spans a handful of 50ish minute episodes. Adapting it for TV would be interesting, imo, because it'd allow for more time to be spent with all the different members of the cast...some new storylines could definitely be thrown in there rather than just sticking to two POV characters all the time. It'd definitely allow the focus on the Sheriff's department as major players to be turned up a little more, as they aren't always as front-and-center as they ought to be. Basically I'd die to see Antlers done in the style of Fargo, with a huge ensemble cast and a bunch of intersecting side stories. Plus a lot of the supernatural elements of Antlers are relatively downplayed, so CGI probably wouldn't be a huge issue other than effects for the ghost characters?


Also, sorry to bring it up all the time, but I think Interviewing Leather would make a fantastic miniseries. It sets up a really interesting situation, it'd be cheap to film, and I could see an actress having a great time with the role of Leather.

I was wondering who'd pick their own.

Anathema would make for a solid movie series, kinda like what we see for The Avengers, and what Batman v Superman is trying pathetically to imitate for the DC franchise.

Listening To The Other Side is a story on this site that's not getting a percentage point of the attention it deserves, and it would make a beautiful miniseries. Not quite "full show" material, at least not as the author currently seems to be taking the story, but it would make for a great series like they do to so many of those Stephen King novels. Only, y'know, actually good.


But for the fun of looking at my stuff. The first two books are movie material. They have clear beginnings, middles and ends that web and/or tv series generally lack. They're written to be read as novels.

As such, they could fill the big screen pretty effectively... but they're part of a series, not a serial. At least until I do a dozen sequels for them. See you a decade from now?

My third book, however... seems to be the ideal pitch for an episodic scifi show. We got the lead hero who just so happens to be a special forces cyborg (because why not?) working for a company that's dipping into covert operations. Basically superpowered problem solving that's too big for the police, but not to a scale that justifies the National Guard.

Really, I just wanted an excuse to go jumping all over not just the country, but the planet, and show off the setting... but it does offer the perfect storm of offering episodic adventures as well as long term plot arcs. I could make it run for years just jumping from place to place and event to event.

Like one part Six Million Dollar Man, one part Quantum Leap, one part Stargate, and two parts CSI and/or NCIS.

Pay Me, Bug! will never be made into a TV series, or a movie, ever, because the only person capable of playing Commodore Mavis was Alan Rickman.

When I write dialog for Mavis I always hear Rickman's voice delivering it. Just like when I write dialog for Grif I always hear Jeremy Piven.

I wish these threads were about the feasibility of converting long form serial content to TV. Or debating what kinds of novels could be converted to a show with a low enough special effects budgets to be produced. Or what themes/ideas would liven up evening TV and therefore deserve the slot most.

Honestly, anything other than thinly veiled narcissism.

Narcissism is what keeps us going after years of updates without financial benefit. Every increase in reader stats, every positive comment provides the ego fuel that makes us want to go on. If we didn't believe in our stories, we'd basically just be wasting time, wouldn't we?

Remember kids, it's not OK to want to talk about the stories you write! Nevermind that you spend a lot of time writing them and probably don't have too many outlets where you can just talk about them instead! No, wanting to talk about what you write is just a flimsy excuse for you to be a narcissist!

We should all just be like "Yeah I do this thing but I don't care. Meh."

For the record, I DO care about what I write and I will take my opportunities to talk about it, because it matters to me. If that offends your postmodern, post-ironic sensibilities please feel free to ignore, or petition Chris to have me banned.

You're perfectly free to talk about whatever irrelevant thing you want to in whatever thread you want. And I'm perfectly free to describe how useless it is.

Because it IS irrelevant. Discussing an anecdote from your own story and then loosely relating it to the thread topic in a crowd of people who by and large haven't read your serial is essentially useless fluff.

It has nothing to do with offending me. I don't care enough about you in particular for that. I just want to read content that gives me new ideas to consider, rather than content that makes me roll my eyes.

The thread title says 'Which web serial do you think would make the best TV show and why?' so I think we're being on topic. If the subject is irrelevant to you, maybe you could start a new discussion about TV adaptations in general. I'd be interested in that, too. ;)

@Billy Higgins: I agree with you about Interviewing Leather. I think it would be a fantastic miniseries! And it would be fairly cheap to do as well.

I don't know if it would make the best TV show, but I would love to see The Sick Land adapted into a show. There's enough material there for several seasons, and enough room for the show writers' creativity to flow as well.

So instead of replying to the post in a way that is relevant to our own experience, we should screen our content to make sure its useful for you. Well, at least there's no narcissism there!

Nice hyperbole, ubersoft.

My point is this: if you want to brag, make a thread for it. Chrys, you released your book this week, right? That's fucking awesome! I hope you sold a billion copies and you get book deals and you never have to work again! You should make a thread about it.

We all know what it's like to want to accolades for our work. Almost (and I'm only saying that because there might be lurkers) everyone here is a writer, or is planning to become one. We all know how important it is to feel good about what we wrote. But because we all know what that's like, it's EXTREMELY transparent when you're putting in your two cents exclusively so you can relate it back to your story.

If you want to brag, make a thread for brags. "what is something you wrote that you're extremely proud of?", or something like that. Those are fun. But this nonsense? The endless series of threads about "writing questions" that end up with 5 different people ignoring every other post to talk about themselves? It needs to stop, because it's happening in every single thread.

That's what I'm trying to get across here. You don't have to hide it if you want to talk about yourself. Just do it, but don't try to pretend that's not what you're doing.

To try and phrase Melon's response a bit differently - regardless of intent in word choice, that's how he's reading it. It might be worth trying to look at it objectively and see how someone came to that conclusion.

That being said - turning a serial into a TV series is an awesome hope for any of us. Not just in terms of watching it go from brain barf to the television, but in terms of payout and validation. We can all hope. I'm not sure which series would be easiest but my wife has repeatedly mention that my series might be able to do that. I smile, say a prayer for the future, and keep typing.

Fame is the most likely way we'll see it happen to any of us. . The last one I saw be transformed over was The Magicians - and the TV series on TV is way more impressive than the books were. (The books are too much like a journal version of Narnia for dysfunctional adults - I read them, but didn't really enjoy it.) Take a look at how many reviews and attention The Magicians has - and try to figure out where they were before the TV series released. Which came first, the fame, or the television series?

I don't CARE how he reads it. Well, more accurately, I care enough to find it aggravating, but that's it. That's sort of my point. It's a forum where writers who spend all their time writing stories post.

Guess what? They're going to talk about what they write! Why this would shock ANYONE is beyond me.

I don't think anyone in this thread was bragging. We just gave our personal answer to the OP question. I don't think ubersoft was bragging, either. He was making a joke. I thought it was funny!

I can only read on Kindle these days due to time constraints, so I haven't managed to finish more than one serial (Worm) which would be too long for a TV adaptation, imo. If Wildbow was the director, he could skillfully 'condense' it into a handful of seasons with the key arcs and events. If someone else was the director, they'd just mutilate it, cut out all the best bits and fill the gaps with sex scenes (like they did with Game of Thrones). :P.