Who wants to be Facebook buddies? :P

There I was thinking I'd never do social media, but people talked me into it, sooo... now I have Facebook with 0 friends because none of my real life buddies use it. Yep, we're all old timers who grew up before social media was a thing.

I need a few friends on there, though! :( who wants to friend me? I'll like your FB page in return.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/oliviarisingauthor

Maybe we could do some cross promo or something.

Not a facebook user, or I would. Sorry Chrys.

Aw. It's the thought that counts! <3

I'm an idiot and can't figure out how to like people's pages, so I'm sending out friend requests instead!

I have facebook and Twitter. Anyone can add me. I will start regularly posting on both once I get a few more followers.

I'll be your friend. I don't have many on mine either. https://www.facebook.com/emmamohrauthor/

Blaise, what's your Facebook?

Emma, I can't figure out how to friend you. There's no friend button at the top? I'm such a nub. :(

You can't "friend" pages, only "like" them.

Chrysalis, Facebook has two different types of accounts: one is just for regular users, and the other is called Facebook Pages. I think you have a FB page, which means people can like the page. Pages are if you want a public presence that anyone on FB can follow. Regular accounts are mainly used for keeping in touch with friends (or playing candy crush, lol).

If you sign up as a person, people can friend you. Not sure, but I don't think it's possible to friend a page, or like a person.


Well, that was a my bad. Mine is just an author page so you can only like that. I didn't notice that until just now... I don't Facebook well.

You can only friend Facebook user profiles. All of the links in this thread so far have been to Facebook pages, which get likes, not friends. Making a page requires a user profile, so you just need to share the link to that profile if you'd like to make Facebook friends...we can't find that link through your page unless you write about it there.

Here's a page that details the differences between profiles and pages:


Also, you can like other pages as a page:


And you can take it a step further by featuring your page's likes on your page itself:


...which means you're doing some friendly advertising and supporting other serials just by liking them. :)

EDIT: haha, in the time it took me to write this, there was a flood of posts. Oops...hope this helps anyway!

Just be aware that those patented Farcebook algorithms will ensure that nobody* sees your page's posts unless you pay for the privilege.

*technically it should be around 16% of your followers, with priority going to those who "engage" with you on a regular basis. I have, however, seen rates as low as 1%. Farcebook especially hates it when you post links to outside sites, and will do everything it can to bury them.

The trick with facebook is to like and share your page with your profile. Get friends to like and share. Facebook promotes pages if you pay. so therefore unless you push it out there, It is going to remain a in a dark cobweb filled corner of facebook.

...this stuff is complicated. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I'll do some research after writing time today.

*looks up from dark cobwebs* What?

Here's the other thing to keep in mind - there are many types of business pages. I notice you've both (Chrysalis and Emma) set up an "Author" page. I actually set up a "Book" page for my Time & Tied story - that's an option under the 'Entertainment' page umbrella, instead of the 'Artist/Public Figure' one. (Mine's here: https://www.facebook.com/TimeAndTied/ ) I also set up a "Character" page for my Personified math. (Here: https://www.facebook.com/mathstans/ ) The possible down side of getting so specialized is I don't feel like I can update either with my current story, as it doesn't relate directly to either.

I actually tried to make a writing page for all my stuff too, except I selected "Writer" instead of "Author", since I don't feel like I'll publish books... and then discovered that apparently the sub-options within that category weren't the same as what I was trying to do, and I couldn't seem to change it, so I kind of gave up in frustration. To everyone else, I recommend "Author" rather than "Writer", as I did. And if anyone knows how to fix or adapt my page, I'm listening. In the meantime, I throw updates onto the other two pages whenever it's relevant, stick to my personal Facebook profile, and use Twitter as my primary social media.

I had actually planned on setting up a page for my web serial, but wanted to focus more on writing. It's not like I really update my statuses and such all that often, so it could be put off for quite a while.

@Chrysalis, It's done. Nice page by the way ;)

Here's mine:


Just a thought. Maybe if we opened a general thread for facebook links for webfiction serial writers, then everyone could post links and we could all help each other out. I would be delighted to start such a thread if everyone is game. We could even open this up a bit wider to include twitter, google, and even following each others serial pages.

@Emma, I liked your page as well ;)

@mathtans, I liked both of your pages ;)

@Blaise, your facebook page is set up for personal use and not it's own book page where folks can actually 'like' it. Best I can do is 'follow' you.

Just some info for anyone unfamiliar: I've noticed a lot of writers here use wordpress for their serials. If you go to your dashboard and then look for the 'sharing' tab, this will enable you to connect your posts directly to your social media pages so that every time you post, a link to your post is shared on all your social media pages. This saves a lot of time. Facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, tumbler and Path (whatever that is) are all on wordpress.

Facebook is crazy. I'm getting friend requests from people I haven't seen since middle school :O