Why is WFG dying?

Can't fail to notice how fewer and fewer people are returning to WFG. Most Forums are over 2 days old and most are much older. Why? What is missing? Is it the review time, the peer reviews, or that everyone is moving on?

It's the holidays. That would be my explanation.

Holidays, and maybe people are home from the semester so their internet time is more limited. I know I'm visiting forums less often now because of the holidays (trying to knit as fast as I can).

I agree. Holidays. This is the time to be with family. I mean, even though I do spend most of my time online, this is probably the only time out of the year that I get to spend with my friends and family. It'll pick up once the New Year rolls around.

Yeah. Holidays are pretty much it.

I remember that right around the beginning of the school year things were pretty slow too. As someone with access to the site stats, I can tell you that the visits are actually higher than normal these past couple weeks (including this one). Of course that may be potential readers rather than writers.

Not sure why people aren't feeling talkative, but speaking for myself, I've been struggling to have time to write these last few days so that lowers my "reading in the forums" time.

Actually, I should be writing right now...

The whole internet usually gets quiet around the holidays. It's nothing to panic about.

With all the stuff I'm dealing with at the moment, I probably won't be able to do much around the place until sometime next year. Will try to keep in touch though.



WFG is dying?

ZOMG! Oh noes! We're doomed! It's the end--

Oh. The holidays.

Okay, okay @acetachyon... I get it. The title was purposely inflammatory to see if people were still alive. So the holidays it is; And everyone is busy with their own thing, I know I am too.

Sound the bells! The patient is alive! WFG shall live to fight another day. (Probably after the new year.)

@apocalypse--Just makin' a funny.

It lives! The topic lives! IT LIVES!!!!

(cue lightning, thunder, and diabolical laughter)

I want it to die. And then be reincarnated. There are too few zombie web-sites on the internet. WFG...the UNDEAD of the NET. Protect your women! Secure your valuables! Arm yourselves! Remain vigilant! It'll be fantastic. :D

Mostly holidays, buddy. And for me, it's shell-shock from the end of a school semester and something like two and a half months constantly sick. I stopped writing for a long spell there, from sickness and family and things, and am trying to get myself back on the horse properly. Whenever that needs to happen, I tend to vanish off the rest of the net.

What irked me was, it happened roughly two days after the very fine editorial review of God in the Machine went up, here, and I thought "Great. Now they'll think I'm being sour grapes and have stormed off." (Which, of course, nobody thought and would think, but there's how my brain works.)

Cripes, this is a blithering message just to say "school, sick, holidays" :)

Yeah, the holidays do this to everyone on the 'net. I've been waiting to qualify my listing with you fine folk and only just today have 3 chapters up of a weekly posted novel. So I hope the new year sees more of me having time to hang out.

Dude, this site can't die! I've only just found it!

Perhaps it's because I smell.

:: sniffs armpits ::

Holidays. Definitely.

Tell you what I love:

@meilinmiranda's didactic reponse.

@Clare-Dragonfly's apology for everyone else reponse

@SoraKainomori's personalized response

@jzoetewey's procrastinating response

@acetachyon's bitingly funny response

@Peedee's blithering, sour grapes response ;)

@Kristine's passive voice response

@Richard_Peevers's (YES THAT IS CORRECT, 'S after S) Desperately needy response.

and finally, @EJ Spurrell's pithy and slam-down response

What about my non-response that you've now forced me to break in order to call your attention to it. Damned paradox!

Oh, I noticed. I just figured you were dead. Maybe you are. Is this Zombie Zilly rabbit?

That would make @pedee really happy!

Nah, I guessed you were busy and took it upon myself to see If everyone else had left to a new WFG site and left me with no forwarding address, (don't get any ideas), but we are all still here.

Happy holidays, all, and to all, a good night.

We need more'n one zombie to make me happy. You never see that in zombie movies. How absurd would one single slow-moving, lurching zombie look? Everyone wouldn't go "Aaah the graves have given up their dead, we must wear short skirts and have techno soundtracks and fight with crossbows!" no, instead, they would go "Oh, I say, that fellow is ugly and stinks. STeer clear."

He would become just a street person.


*writes that idea down and claims it*

I hope everyone gets exactly the weather they want, for Christmas. :)

Zombies? Yuck!

I just been MIA for a while due to the fact that my computer crashed and at the moment I'm reduced to begging my husband and son for the use of their laptops.

Fingers crossed Father Christmas has received my begging letter.

Merry Christmas everyone :D

WFG is dying because I've been slipping poison into its tea.

I'd personally welcome the zombie hoard. I'm fully prepared to defend you helpless folk, as I've been studying the tactics OF said hoards for years now. FEAR NOT! For I have a leather bra-like outfit, tight black pants with rips in all the right places, and plenty of guns, blades and some fuel for the chainsaw. All we need now is someone to run around in a panic, and an SF geek to come up with a chemical defense weapon.