I just had the random idea that it might be fun to make a Wiki page dedicated to my books and characters. Do any of you guys have one? Are there any real benefits to it?

I've done a few series bibles/official handbook projects for some of my old worlds and stories before. It's fun, and I've almost considered doing something like a wiki for all the characters I've created and never end up using. Of course, endless character profiles just aren't in league with actual stories.

Butt anyway, since you have books already, I would say the main benefit of a wiki is further promotion of your work. Ideally, a wiki will come into play once you build up enough of a fanbase that fans themselves are doing the wiki of their own passion and really helping you out by spreading word of mouth. The wiki can be a good way to direct people's attention to either get them interested, or get the community more engaged with the work.

The downside might be that you end up losing a few readers of the books to people who just prefer to skim the wiki and then just never get around to reading the actual work. But I think the numbers would be low enough, and if nothing else, someone who just skims the wiki might still tell a friend about it who might go read the book, who would otherwise not have heard of it if not for the wiki.

Well, I got started on it. What do you guys think so far?

I think the guy who writes Worm once posted that he got a big boost in traffic when someone put it on tvtropes. Not sure if I'm remembering that right though.

Hmm. That's another interesting idea. I hadn't considered tvtropes. What exactly *is* tvtropes for, though?

I've heard it depends. Some people get a Tropes page, but usually having one doesn't help you nearly as much as your fans listing you on every page they can with mentions of your work.

TV Tropes is mainly a place for people to name drop stuff they like or hate as pertains to certain tropes. It's a nerdy sort of place for the meticulous categorization of fictional works and tropes they fall under, but a lot of people use it to find new stuff to check out by looking under categories they like.

The site, I think, is more of a second-tier booster wiki. It won't really start helping you until you've already got the first wave fan base established to start leading others to your work, possibly via the Tropes page, or other wiki.

Also, to have a truly robust wiki, you must give everything it's own page! Every character! Every location! Every item! Every power! You must make the wiki a labyrinth of interconnected information to get the reader truly lost in your world! :P

@Bob, yeah I'm starting to realize how much work this is going to be. It's taken me two days to list all the characters in two of my books, and I still have five more to go! And then I have to go and give each of those characters their own individual pages, etc.

I've been trying to get my readers involved in things for a long time. I've tried taking reader questions, free book giveaways, asked them to vote for me, but nobody seems interested. They'll read the stories every week and leave comments about how much they enjoy it, but anything more than that is just asking too much I guess.

Audience interaction/productivity is difficult to obtain until you reach a certain level, or you happen to get that one superfan that just really falls in love with your work and wants to add to it. Most people don't reach that, even if they have a decent following of readers. It's almost that Catch-22, where it's hard to get an active fan community if you don't already have an active fan community to help promote your work.

I get comments now and then, but audience participation can be like pulling teeth. I tried setting up a QnA thing, but only one reader submitted a question. Now, maybe that's because I've been pretty good at answering questions in comments and e-mails already, so there wasn't much left to ask, maybe the people who would have asked just didn't check in on the blog that week, but it was a little disappointing. Oh, well, I scrounged around and get enough questions to do a few QnA's anyway, so there! :P

Even though I'm not a fan of TV Tropes, I've almost started to make a page or two for my stuff, but then the realization of the workload hits me, and I just get lazy, and realize Tropes is probably not the best place to advertise my stuff anyway.


I think readers and involvement is one of those volume things. You need X readers to get one that comments, X times whatever to get one that donates, etc. If you have readers who are asking questions and leaving comments I think you are doing great!