Will a story that has multiple paths be accepted into the site?

First of all I'm just a fan of the story and not the original author,I've submitted it yesterday for review.

The story in question is The gamer on chyoa.com here's a link **NSFW SITE UNLESS YOU HAVE ADBLOCKER**


I've left a small summery of my favorite paths as well as the discord server favorite one in the editor note and all of the paths can stand on their own if you only choose to read one path.

Uh are you allowed submitting stories you're not the author of?

I think you can, there's a box in the submission form you can mark if you are the author.

CYOA's kind of seem like a whole other beast to serials and shorts.

We have a few CYOA listings: http://webfictionguide.com/cyoa/

This isn't really a true CYOA so I didn't tag it as one, The original writer(TheDespaxas) allows other people to write their own version of the story as long as they pass several stages of "quality checks" to ensure they have a good ability to write and a "plan" of where their path of the story "goes". The basic premise of the story remains and the world has very deep lore that each writer explores in a different way,Organizations and characters persist in different paths but depending on the writer they could be enemies,friends or not relevant to he plot at all.

Here's a list of paths:


If anyone is interested in a path with certain qualities I'll be happy to help you out

So it's like a group project? Interesting.

...And it looks like the two CYOA's listed aren't there anymore. :/

It is a fanfiction, though. Pretty sure that means it won't fly with the submission guidelines.