Wish me luck guys!

Well I've taken the plunge, dudes.

The first book in the Once Giants series, is now up for preorder on Amazon.com. Which is a bit scary, since I don't even have the whole MS back from edits yet. Thankfully, I got 3 months to sort it all out, but there is no turning back from here.

If you want to take a peek, its here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ND403M4/

I also have the first part of the book, up for sample on instafreebie to build my mailing list. If you want to take a sample of the fully edited material, which incorporated a lot of feedback I got from you guys, you can snag a copy here:


I just want to say thanks again to all you awesome people. You gave me the courage to make the next big step and I can truly say this whole experienced has helped me grow and learn a lot.

Since starting my webserial I've managed to:-

Pinpoint my genre and find my target audience (one of the main reasons I started it)

Learn the art of making a proper book cover to target that audience with genre cues

Perfected my blurb (Still hate those things, but I think it's getting the job done)

Perfected my opening paragraph

Found a great editor who has helped tons (Thanks for the hook up, Drew! Kisa is awesome)

Learned all about ebook marketing on Amazon and how to launch a series with the best chance for success

Figured out how Facebook works

Figured out how facebook Ads work

Found an awesome FB group 20booksto50k

Learned how to format my own ebooks using scrivener

Perfected my roll out plan

And so much more

All of this I wouldn't have been able to do without seeing those read-throughs on my webserial to know that, hey, if a few people are actually reading it, maybe it's worth a shot. And I wouldn't have even gotten there if not for all you guys. So thanks so much again.

The webserial is now permanently closed, so I'll have to see about how to perhaps remove it from the system. Perhaps Chris can give me guidance. Anyway, I'll be sure to let you guys know how to ride goes. And anyone else seeking to venture down this path, I'll give freely as much info as I have gathered.

If you want to join the FB group, I'm on https://www.facebook.com/Once-Giants-151097465360509/

Thanks again you guys and best of luck in all your ventures!

Eugene Kirk

Team Contract

Protip: don't advertise the preorder! The preorder sales will do nothing to increase your sales rank when you most need it - right after the official publication date. Just tell people to wait and buy it when it's live. You want as many sales on the first few days as you can get.

Did you book any promotions? You need a starting boost from either promotions (or lots of fan purchases) during the first week to get that much needed visibility on Amazon. If you did, please share your experiences! I'd love to know how it went. :)

Hi TC - I've changed the status of your serial to "No longer online". Good luck with the ebook!

Hey, all the best with it, TeamContract! Glad you've been able to apply the things you're learning. Clever title by the way, I saw it in passing on Twitter.

Related to what Chrysalis was saying, have you heard of "Blog Tours"? That where you approach blogs with relevant content that might be interested in having a guest post, or Q&A, or live chat session, or whatever for promotion purposes. It's the sort of thing that needs to be set up weeks in advance, so that there's a progression of those events around the time of the launch. Sometimes they can involve giveaways, like everyone who answers a question in comments is put into a draw for a free book/other. (I've never done one myself, can't speak to effectiveness. Though I have won a book by RTing during an author Twitter chat, and getting my name selected.) Enjoy the journey!

Good luck!


Thanks for that tip, Chrysalis. I swear the Chris Fox pod cast said that preorders banked, but I'm going to take your word for it. Hope I haven't just messed up my ranking forever now on launch =P

As for promotions I'm hoping to build a mailing list a few hundred (hopefully thousand) strong from the instafreebie giveaway. That will be the list I segment and then push on launch day drip by drip. I'm planning some promos for the 6 off days where it will be at 0.99 and then will raise to 2.99. The main one will be one that cost $299 that people say is real effective... can't recall the name atm. But that will be our main push the day before the price increases.

We'll be doing that and FB adds. I've managed to get the targeting system down I think. So hopefully it should all work pretty good.

The goal is the get that upward curve of sales to stay sticky and then release the next stories in quick succession, like every 3 weeks. We'll see how it goes!

@Fiona Gregory

Thanks much, Fiona!

@mathtans Thanks man. I did some blog tours before when I released under a small press. I think today they are a bit dated, according to a lot of authors out there. Someone had actually asked on kboards what works and doesn't work for marketing and blog tours came up as one that worked well a few years ago but today is only so-so. Technology I guess!


Thanks, man! I appreciate that feedback you gave of the backdrop seeming too close to modern day. My writing partner and I went through and made a concerted effort to ramp up the Sci-fi tropes. I think the material is a lot stronger for it!

@Team Contract Depending how HOW cou do preorders, they can be effective IF you already have a bazillion fans waiting for the new book. But as a newbie self-pubber without an already existing fanbase in the tens of thousands, you need every sale you can get during that first week after the official launch. Every preorder sale is lost to you because they count right away, but won't generate a spike, so by the time of your official launch you'll have lost the visibility you gained from that sale.

You want to hit the top 100, ideally top 50 of several subcategories to become visible in the hot new releases list, and to hit those you need daily sales in the 20+ range for a few days. A one-day or two-day spike in the 50ies can also help, but doesn't guarantee sustained long term visibility.

Great job with the cover, by the way. :D

Thanks Chrys! My writing partner made it. We hope we're hitting the right tone with it this time round. And yeah, I hit a tough learning curve. I think I misunderstood what Chris Fax was saying about preorders. Looks like i'll have to ride it out and make up for it with pushing the list. I have like 3 instafreebie promos coming up next month so hopefully i'll get a bunch of people interested. ^^