With Thanks

i've been a member of wfg for about 2 years but this last year, i have sadly been mostly absent. now i come back to say both a (hopefully) temporary farewell and more importantly to say thank you.

i'm removing my online novel, riders of darith, for now, because along the lines of what (i think) gabriel gadfly said, i don't want it joining the plethora of other unfinished online novels out there... no matter what the author's intention, nor how tenaciously the story sticks in the author's mind, sometimes it just doesn't all come out. riders of darith is by no means an abandoned project, but rather one wrapped with tissue paper and lavender, placed in a hand-crafted box and tucked away in the back of the cupboard. i know that due to a number of large changes in my life over the past year, it will be a good long while until i can focus on my writing again. although hopefully not as long until i can read for pleasure again ;)

i would like to post a huge thank you to the online writing community at large - especially those i've connected with at wfg. i learned so much from so many of you, from your posts, reviews and discussions i've had with you. you've touched my life in a profound way and you will not be forgotten - whether we've interacted directly or not. you will forever be a part of the words that i write until the day my fingers are too cramped to write any more.

chris-rabbit a huge thank you for wfg and the hard-working editors for making it possible. to fellow writers for sharing not only your imagination but your opinions and experiences too. and of course to all the readers for without you, our existence is just a shallow ego-trip :)

until i write again...