Wordpress 3.5.1 upgrade messages (site WP backend?)

Hey Chris - I"ve noticed for a while now that when I go look at my account (via the Dashboard) that the following message shows up

"WordPress 3.5.1 is available! Please notify the site administrator."

Not sure which part of the site relies on that, but wanted to flag it for you since I'm not sure what ties into this upgrade in terms of security, etc.

It might be a bit before the version changes. I'm sure Chris will want to check what happens on the test site.

Yeah, I'll try to get to it this month. Problem is I'll have to retest and possibly fix the site plugins, so it requires a commitment of time I can't make just now. :(

Out of curiosity what plugins do you use? Is the entire directory as well as forums all wordpress through and through?

It's WordPress, but there are several custom plugins and a custom theme that provide nearly all of what you interact with. We also use a handful of common plugins (for caching and such). The forums are bbpress.