WordPress, Blogger and... Tumblr?

Hello everyone, I've been recently weighing my options on where to host a web serial; at least in terms of blogging platforms rather than anything especially tailored for it like RoyalRoadL. WordPress seems to be the default recommendation, but I was disappointed in its format and lack of customisation options on free plans. I've looked at Blogger a little, but it seems rather clunky at a first glance. Unlike WordPress, though, I get access to the HTML/CSS, so it might be an option to look into further.

I haven't heard of anyone using Tumblr for a web serial. I've been told it isn't easy to set up navigation, but I'm a web developer so I had no problems whipping up this prototype a year ago: http://stupidtestthing.tumblr.com/ As far as I know you can set up Google Analytics and Disqus comments, but I'm not sure about things on the community end vs the WordPress or Blogger web fiction communities. Anyone have any thoughts?

I have been a netizen for over twenty years and I still have no idea how to navigate tumblr.com.

Please don't, I honestly think the UI is a bad fit for serial writing.

I always think the lack of stats is the biggest diadvantage when using Tumblr, so if you've got that, you're probably good. Though Naeddyr's comment makes me think it might be a turn-off?

Anyway, Marn did a pretty good serial on Tumblr: http://antlerscolorado.com/post/93891622210/and-the-record-begins-with-a-song-of-rebellion

I use Tumblr for my serial, but honestly it acts as a mirror to my own main site. Most of the stuff I have on there is just a link to my chapters (https://revfitz.tumblr.com/). I would be curious to see how differently you handle it, and how successful it could be, but honestly I see no reason why a well laid out Tumblr could not work.

I have found blogger to work just fine for my needs. Free version should have all the general customization you need and there's the CSS access. Plus I believe since it's part of the Google Network you have better search results via Google. Although I could be wrong. Anyway I've never had anyone complain about my stuff being on Blogger but my readers might not be that discerning.

The one thing Tumblr is good at is getting your stuff easily showing two more people as fans of your work can reblog to their blogs then all of their followers will see your update with links back to your site. I still don't like the format and it is a pain in the ass to navigate The Archives of a Tumblr. But as mentioned above it could be used to supplement your main story archive if you just use it to post updates.

The biggest con of Tumblr is site navigation. You can get a good skin that works for your story, people will reblog your stuff if they like it. But navigation arg. I mean seriously, my biggest complaint whit Tumblr is just trying to go through the archives of anything. Anything that has a Tumblr site, I try desperately to find a mirror site or something just because of how irritating it is to got through an achieve. Even worse when you try and search through it.

To me Tumblr to be that place that is very much like Twitter/Facebook where the emphasis if on the newest stuff and past stuff is buried. I really hate that sort of thing. I don't like Facebook or Twitter for that matter because of it. It's much easier for me to set navigation for wordpress than Tumblr. Granting I don't like how limited Wordpress is, but at least I can search and go through an archive.

For a while, I did use Tumblr as a mirrot that showed a link to Wordpress. However, honest, no one ever came from Tumblr to my wordpress site so I just deleted it. Not to mention, I didn't like the community. The only other platform I really liked was LiveJournal and I'm not sure how that place is still alive.

How important is an archive when you also have a contents page (manually updated)?

I've also ported almost everything (navigation, contents page and night mode) over to a Blogger setup https://altdumbtesthing.blogspot.com/ If anyone has any thoughts vs the navigation experience I have setup on Tumblr http://stupidtestthing.tumblr.com/post/141431010625/00-first-thing please let me know.

The Blogger archive tree is certainly better than Tumblr's archive, which slows down the browser significantly when the archive gets sufficiently large enough.

As someone who's been using it for the last three years, DON'T USE BLOGGER. Just... just don't. The additional customizability seems appealing at first, but its formatting is a mess and getting it to do anything consistently is like doing surgery with a spoon. My advice would be stick with Wordpress; it's simple and it works.